Imagine establishing a foundation in your child's life for a bright and sunny disposition by simply giving them one of these baby names that mean sunshine. This unique selection of baby names runs the gamut — in both sound and origin. Explore these options to find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • Aarush Aarush is an incandescent Indian boy's name. The exact meaning of this name is “first ray of the sun.”
  • Aeliana Aeliana is a luminously Latin girl's name. This simple name means “sunshine.”
  • Apolline Apolline is a gleaming French name for a girl. This name is derived from Apollo, the Greco-Roman deity of the sun and various other things, including the sunshine.
  • Apollonia Apollonia is a glittery Greek girl's name. Much like Apolline, this is another feminine name derived from Apollo.
  • Baskara Baskara is an iridescent Indonesian name for a boy. This particular name simply means “sunshine.”
  • Cymbeline Cymbeline is a glistening Green name for a boy. This one name can either mean “lord of sunshine” or “hound of sunshine.”
  • Dismas Dismas is a gleaming Greek name for a boy. This specific name means “sunset,” the last moment of the day to bear sunshine.
  • Eliane Eliane is a glorious girl's name from Greek, Hebrew and Latin. No matter which language you consult, this is a name synonymous with “sunshine.”
  • Finlo Finlo is a lustrous male name from Manx. While the specific meaning of this name is “fair Lugh,” it should be clarified that Lugh was a Celtic solar deity.
  • Güneş Güneş is a lustrous girl's name from Turkey. Put simply, this name means “sunshine.”
  • Helia Helia is a gleaming girl's name from the Greek language. This particular name is simply a feminine take on Helios, the Greek titan of the sun.
  • Heulfryn Heulfryn is a burnished Welsh name of unisex gender. The exact meaning of this name is “hill of sunshine.”
  • Idalia Idalia is an incandescent girl's name from the Italian language. A rather commanding name, Idalia means “behold the sunshine.”
  • IshaanIshaan is a heliocentric Hindi name for a boy. While this name simply means “the sunshine,” it is also the name for the Hindu guardian of the northeast.
  • Mehri Mehri is photonic name for a girl that hails from the land of Persian-speakers. This one name can mean “kind,” “lovable” or “sunshine.”
  • Mirri Mirri is a solar unisex name hailing from the language of the aboriginal Goonyandi people of Australia. This particular name means “sunshine.” Mirri was also the name of a fierce cat warrior crew member of the “Weatherlight” within the fiction of “Magic the Gathering.”
  • Nada Nada is an Arabic and Russian girl's name of solar merit. While this name means “sunshine dew” in those languages, be aware that it also means “nothing” in Spanish.
  • Ra Ra is a gleaming Egyptian name for a boy. This particular name may mean “sun” or “sunshine” but this is only because it is connected to Ra, a solar deity within Egyptian mythology.
  • Ravi Ravi is a heliocentric boy's name from the Hindi language. While the exact meaning of this name is “conferring,” it is also worth mentioning that Ravi is a solar deity in Hinduism.
  • Salana Salana is a lustrous Latin name for a girl. This name means “sunshine.”
  • Sansone Sansone is an illuminated boy's name of Italian heritage. This one name means “sunshine” and should be pronounced with three syllables; “san-so-nay.”
  • Solari Solari is an unclouded Italian name for a girl. The meaning behind this name would be “land exposed to sunshine.”
  • Solstice Solstice is a unisex name from multiple romance languages that has a solar bearing. This name means “when the sunshine is stilled” and might be the perfect name for a child born during the Winter or Summer Solstices.
  • Solveig Solveig is a scintillating girl's name of Scandinavian origins. This one name has two distinct meanings: “the strong house” or “daughter of the sunshine.”
  • Sunshine an English girl's name and the most sunshiny one on this list. This name is downright tautological; Sunshine means “sunshine.”

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