From Cyrus, which literally means “sunshine,” to Kiran, which means “beam of sunshine,” each of these boy names that mean sunshine — or give nod to it — is unique and handsome. Peruse these bright baby names and hone in on the one that best suits your new baby boy.

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  • Agim Agim is an Albanian boy's name with some brilliance to it. This particular name alludes to “dawn,” the earliest point in the day where sunshine manifests.
  • Altan Altan is a Turkish boy's name of the sun. Specifically, this name means “red dawn” in Turkish yet it also means “golden” in both Mongolion and medieval Turkic.
  • Anatoly Anatoly is a sunlit Russian name for sons. This specific name means “sunrise.”
  • ApolloApollo is a Greek boy's name connected to the sun. Specifically, Apollo was the Greco-Roman god of the sun and many other things like poetry and music.
  • Beacon Beacon is an illuminating Old English boy's name. Specifically, it means “signal light” in a manner similar to how sunshine signals the day.
  • Castor Castor is a Greek boy's name of brilliance. This one name means “sunshine” and is also the namesake of one of the twins in the Gemini constellation.
  • CyrusCyrus is a photonic Persian boy's name. This particular name means “sunshine.”
  • Eleodoro Eleodoro is a Spanish boy's name concerning the sun. This particular name translates as “gift from the provider of sunshine.”
  • ElioElio is an illuminating Italian boy's name. The meaning of this unique name translated as “Sunshiny and spirited.”
  • Gisli Gisli is a solar-minded boy's name from Scandinavia. This name's exact meaning is “sunshine.”
  • Haru Haru is a Japanese boy's name concerned with sun. Depending on the kanji used, this name can mean “sunshine,” “clear water,” “springtime” and “sunny.”
  • Helios Helios is a Greek boy's name with a strong connection to the sun. Indeed, this one name is the name of the Greek Titan god of the sun who doubled as the personification of our sun, thus the name easily means “sunshine.”
  • KiranKiran is an iridescent boy's name from the tongues of India. The meaning of this particular name equates to “beam of sunshine.”
  • Lairus Lairus is a illuminating Latin boy's name. Its unique meaning would be “he who shines like the sun.”
  • Mehr Mehr is a photonic Persian boy's name. This is a name that is full of positive energies as it can mean “sunshine” and “friendship.”
  • Osbert Osbert is a clement Old English boy's name. This one name alludes to a “godly brightness” like the sun's own rays of shining light.
  • Rashmi Rashmi is a scintillating Sinhalese name for a boy. This one name simply means “ray of sunshine.”
  • Sol Sol is a solar-powered boy's name from the Spanish language. This particular name just means “sunshine.”
  • Soniva Soniva is a Norwegian and Hebrew boy's name connected to sunlight. The Norwegian meaning equates to “sunshine gift” while the Hebraic meaning would simply be “sun.”
  • Sulien Sulien is a Welsh boy's name concerned with sunlight. This particular name means “born from the sunshine.”
  • Sunny Sunny is an polished English boy's name. This specific name can mean any quality of the sun, be it sunshine or how it inures one to have positive emotions.
  • Taner Taner is a lustrous Turkish boy's name. This unique name means “born at sunrise,” the earliest point in the day that the world can enjoy sunshine. This name should be pronounced “tay-ner.”
  • Tyr Tyr is an Old Norse boy's name of unclouded bearing. This name means “sunshine” or “glow” and comes from a Norse deity and it is from that being that we get the inspiration for the word Tuesday. It should be pronounced closer to “tear,” like when a person cries, and not like “tire.”
  • Yo-Han Yo-Han is a brilliant Korean boy's name. This specific name can mean either “sunshine” or “sunlight.”
  • Zeus Zeus is a glistening Greek name for boys. While the name can mean “sky” or “sunshine, it almost goes without saying that Zeus was the name for the Greek king of the gods.

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