From Orlando, which means “land of gold,” to Zahavi, which quite simply means “gold,” each of these boy names that mean gold is masculine and meaningful. Take a look and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Abrik Abrik is a Hindu boy's name that has some connection to gold. This particular name means “precious like gold.”
  • Abriz Abriz is a golden Arabic boy's name. This particular name means either “purest gold” or “raw gold.”
  • Afwerki Afwerki is both an Ethiopian and Eritrean boy's name with golden meaning. Specifically, this name means “mouth of gold.” Any parent who chooses Afwerki for their son's name is likely hoping that the child will be a capable speaker.
  • Ardit Ardit is a glittery Albanian boy's name. This particular name means “golden day.”
  • Aureliano Aureliano is a priceless Italian boy's name. This specific name simply means “gold.”
  • Aurelius Aurelius is a golden boy's name of Ancient Roman sourcing. This particular name can mean “golden” or “gilded.” Markus Aurelius was the last emperor of Rome's Pax Romana era.
  • Auryn Auryn is a gold-star winner of a boy's name that comes from the Celtic tongue. This specific name means “gold.”
  • Chrysanthos Chrysanthos is a golden Grecian boy's name. This particular name means “golden flower.”
  • Chryses Chryses is a glittery Greek boy's name from Greek mythology. This unique name means “golden” and should be pronounced the same way as “crises.” Chryses of Troy was a priest of Apollo who prayed to his god after Agamemnon failed to return Chryses' daughter. As Chryses was a high priest. his prayer was rewarded in the form of a plague that swept through Agamemnon's armies until he finally agreed to returning Chryses' daughter Chyrseis.
  • Eurig Eurig is a golden boy's name of Welsh origin. This particular name simply means “golden.”
  • Flavius Flavius is a gold choice for a boy's name from Ancient Roman times. This specific name means “golden.”
  • Okropir Okropir is a Georgian boys name with golden connotations. This specific name means “gold mouth.” This name should be pronounced “oh-crow-peer.”
  • Oriol Oriol is a Catalan boy's name involving gold. This unique name means “golden.”
  • OrlandoOrlando is a golden Spanish name for boys. This particular name means “land of gold.” One obvious reason why you might choose this name for your son might be because it will be a permanent reminder of the Floridian city he was born in.
  • Oro Oro is a Spanish boy's name pertaining to gold. This specific name literally means “gold.” Oro also happens to be the name of an immortal hermit from the “Street Fighter” video game franchise but this character is of Japanese nationality.
  • Orville Orville is an English boy's name connected to precious metals. This specific name means “golden city.” “The Orville” is the name of an American comedic parody of “Star Trek.”
  • Paco Paco is an American name for boys and one that has some golden notes attached to it like the feathers on af arrow. This specific name means “golden eagle.”
  • Rezart Rezart is an Albanian boy's name about gold. This specific name means “golden ray.” In this context, the “ray” refers to a beam of light rather than the sea creature known for its “wings” and venomous stinging tail.
  • Urre Urre is a Basque boy's name related to gold. Indeed, This specific name just means “gold.”
  • Workneh Workneh is an affirming East African boy's name about gold. This specific name translates to mean “you are gold.”
  • Zahavi Zahavi is a Hebraic boy's name involving precious metals. This specific name just means “gold.”
  • Zarathustra Zarathustra is an Ancient Iranian boy's name with golden meaning. This specific name actually means “golden camel.” Zarathustra is also a synonym for Zoraster, the prophet responsible for founding the Zoroastrian faith.
  • Zereen Zereen is an Arabic boy's name with metallic ties. This specific name means “golden” and should be pronounced “zeh-rei-en.”
  • Zlatan Zlatan is a boy's name connected to gold that shows up throughout many of the Balkan and Slavic regions, such as Crostia and Slovenia. This specific name means “golden.”

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