From Artemis to Fia to Chanda and beyond, each of these girl names that mean wild are fascinating and offer a glimpse into the wonderful world of unique baby names. Peruse these feminine options — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect first or middle name for your daughter.

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  • Aranyak Aranyak is a Bengali girl's name of the wilds. This particular name means “wild and sylvan.”
  • Artemis Artemis is a Greek girl's name of the wilderness. Artemis was the Greek goddess of the hunt, archery and the wild.
  • Artio Artio is a Gaulish girl's name of the wild green yonder. Artio was the name of the Gaulish goddess of the wild.
  • Averil Averil is a rowdy Old English girl's name. This name's particular meaning is “wild boar.” The first syllable should be pronounced with a soft A sound; “av-er-il” instead of “ay-ver-il.”
  • Basa Basa is an unbroken girl's name from the Basque language. This name's particular meaning is simply “wild.”
  • Bradamante Bradamente is either an Italian or Latin girl's name bound to the wilder parts of the world. Depending on how one interprets this name, it can mean “loving wilderness” or “wild sweetheart.”
  • Bry Bry is a rambunctious girl's name taken from the Arabic language. Specifically, this name means “wild and fierce.”
  • Chanda Chanda is a Hindi girl's name connected to a wild and untamed soul. This particular name means “blazing hot,” “fierce,” “wild” and “passionate.”
  • Daji Daji is a Hausa girl's name that cannot be held down. This specific name's exact meaning is simply “wild.”
  • Divlji Divlji is a wild girl's name from a blend of different Eastern European languages. The particular meaning of this name is simply “wild.” It should be pronounced “div-ul-yee.”
  • EverlyEverly is an unkempt English girl's name. The specific meaning of this name would be “wild boar in a woodland clearing.”
  • Fia Fia is a wild girl's name that shows up in Irish, Italian and also Portuguese. This particular name can mean either “wild” or “weaver.”
  • Fiadh Fiadh is a rambunctious girl's name from the Irish language. Put simply, this is a name that means “wild.”
  • Fierce Fierce is an American girl's name that has some unmistakably wild vibes to it. Indeed, this specific name means something that is “wild,” “untamed” and “ferocious.”
  • Fauve Fauve is a formidable and French girl's name. This one feminine name just means “wild.”
  • Fiáin Fiáin is an untamed girl's name from the Emerald Isle of Ireland. This particular name means “wild” and should be pronounced “Fee-ay-in.”
  • Gael Gael is a wild and Welsh name for a girl. The particular meaning of this name is “wild.”
  • Khulan Khulan is a girl's name from the ferocious wilds of Mongolia. Its exact meaning is “onager,” a species of wild donkey that is indigenous to the Asian steppes that the Mongols called home.
  • Nasrin Nasrin is a Persian girl's name of untamed beauty. More succinctly, this one name means “wild rose.”
  • Ninsun Ninsun is a Sumerian girl's name connected to animals and the wilderness. Specifically, Ninsun is a name that means “lady of the wild cow” and it is also the name of Gilgamesh's mother in Sumerian mythology.
  • Olinda Olinda is a wild girl's name from the Greek language. This particular name's exact meaning is “wild fig.”
  • Polni Polni is a wild and unchecked girl's name from the Czech language. Its exact meaning is simply “wild.”
  • Pori Pori is a savage Swahili girl's name that also shows up in the Bengali language. While the Swahili meaning of this name translates as “wild,” the Bengali translation result in “fairy.”
  • RheaRhea is a daunting Greek girl's name to bear. More specifically, Rhea was the name of the Greek Titan goddess of the wild mountains of the world. She was the mother to the Greek Olympians: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter and Hestia. Rheia is another accepted way of spelling this name.
  • Tupaarnaq Tupaarnaq is a wild and unbroken girl's name taken from the language of Greenland. The specific meaning of this particular name is “wild thyme.” It should be pronounced “too-pah-arn-ahk.”
  • Yabany Yabany is a downright feral girl's name from Turkmenistan. The exact meaning of this name would be “wild.”

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