Each of these baby names that mean blood — whether it be the literal meaning or a variation thereof — is unique and intriguing. From Dji to Auiak to Eztli and beyond, these names are impactful and every bit as beautiful as your little one.

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  • Auiak Auiak is a bloody Greenlandic name for a lad or lass. Pronounced “ow-i-ak,” this name means “coagulated blood” and might symbolize the child's birth as a cooling of stress and hardship.
  • Blessed Blessed is a bloody unisex name of both English and African origin. This specific name means “consecrated by blood.”
  • Chikage Chikage is a bloody Japanese name for boy and girls. This name can be translated as “blood shadow.”
  • Chiki Chiki is a Japanese unisex name with connections to blood. Specifically, this name can mean “blood spirit,” “blood air” or “energetic.”
  • Chikumo Chikumo is a blood-soaked unisex Japanese name. Depending on the characters used, this one name can either mean “blood spider” or “blood cloud.”
  • Chimaki Chimaki is a unisex Japanese name involving blood. Depending on the characters involved, this name can mean “rolling blood” or “blood volume;” the latter name is in regard to a body of literature and might be chosen so the child represents the next chapter in the story of your family line.
  • Chimie Chimie is a bloody Japanese unisex name. This name means “bloody appearance” and may be chosen due to a messy birth or simply having red hair.
  • Chimiki Chimiki is a Japanese girl's name bound to blood. This name means nobles, trees, hopes or chronicles, depending on the characters used, that are all beautiful and bloody.
  • Chimiko Chimiko is a gory girl's name from Japanese. This name can mean “blood priestess” or “blood shrine maiden.”
  • Chinami Chinami is a blood-soaked unisex Japanese name. It can mean “blood wave” or “blood breaker.”
  • Chinatsu Chinatsu is a unisex name of blood and Japanese origin. This name means “blood summer” and might suit a child delivered during a fraught summer season.
  • Chisuke Chisuke is a Japanese unisex name of the blood. This name literally means “blood.”
  • Djimon Djimon is an African name for boys and girls that deals with blood. This specific name means “strong blood.”
  • Dji Dji is a shortened form of the African unisex name Djimon. As such, this name also means “strong blood.”
  • Eztli Eztli is a unisex Nahuatl name with sanguinary aspects. This name means “blood.”
  • Gwyar Gwyar is a bloody unisex Welsh name. This name can mean “gore,” “bloodshed” or even “spilled blood.” It should be pronounced “gwai-ar.”
  • Ichigo Ichigo is a Japanese name of the blood that can be used for boys or girls. While there are many permutations of meaning from the characters used, the relevant meaning to this list would be “bloody child.”
  • Iejir Iejir is a sanguine name for boys or girls that comes from “Dungeons & Dragons'” Draconic language. This specific name simply means “blood.”
  • Iejiryth Iejiryth is a blood-spattered unisex name from the Draconic language of Dungeons & Dragons. This particular name's meaning can be interpreted as “our blood.”
  • Kanik Kanik is a ferocious Greenlandic name for a boy or girl. This name specifically means “blood.”
  • Karro Karro is Kaurna name for bloody boys and gory girls. This particular name means “blood.”
  • Kesshuu Kesshuu is a Japanese boy's name dealing with the blood. Specifically, this name means “blood autumn” and would be a fine name for a child born around October, the month of Halloween.
  • Ki Ki is a Chinese name for both boys and girls that has essential meaning. This one specific name can mean “blood,” “energy” or “life force.”
  • Valeij Valeij is a sanguine name for boys and girls that comes from D&D's Draconic language. This unique name means “bleed.”
  • Vendetta Vendetta is a bloody Italian name of unisex quality. This particular name translates as “blood feud.”

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