Blood is an essential part of life, and accordingly, each of these girl names that mean blood exude vitality. Explore the options and find the perfect, most meaningful name for your daughter!

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  • Adame Adame is a hematic Hebrew name for girls. This one name means “bloody red.”
  • Adelberte Adelberte is a Latin and Germanic name for girls that has to do with blood. This name specifically means “of the same blood.”
  • Agana Agana is a Chamorro name for gorey girls. This particular name means “blood.”
  • Akeldama Akeldama is a bloody Aramic girl's name. This name specifically means “field of blood”
  • Annjaya Annjaya is a bloody girl's name from India. This particular name can either mean “unique” or “ocean of blood.”
  • Ayuna Ayuna is a Japanese girl's name of blood. Specifically, this one name can mean “bloody” or “red.”
  • Blodughadda Blodughadda is a Norse girl's name of vitality. This name means “bloody-haired one” and is an allusion to the red sea foam within the tale of Ran and Aegir's daughter from Norse mythology.
  • Camunda Camunda is a Sanskrit girl's name dealing with blood. This one specific name has the distinct and specific meaning of “the old goddess who is frightful to look at because of her skull necklace, blood-filled eyes and heavy club. Obviously, any parent who deems to give their daughter this name will hope that no one ever confronts their darling baby girl.
  • Chiake Chiake is a Japanese girl's name with bloody bearing. This particular name means “blood dawn.”
  • Chibeni Chibeni is a gory Japanese girl's name. This specific name means “red as blood.”
  • Chidori Chidori is a sanguinary Japanese name for girls. This one name can mean “blood lace” or “1,000 birds.”
  • Chieko Chieko is a cute bloody girl's name from Japanese. This particular name breaks down as “blood child.”
  • Chihana Chihana is a gory girl's name from the Japanese language. Depending on the characters used, this name can mean either “blood flower” or “blood nose.”
  • Chihime Chihime is a very overt Japanese girl's name for blue-bloods. This unique name means “blood princess.”
  • Chikai Chikai is a gorey girl's name from the Japanese language. This particular name is composed of characters that can be arranged to mean “blood oath.”
  • Chikane Chikane is a vital girl's name in Japanese. This one name can be translated as “blood money” and may be chosen as a name to always remember the value of life.
  • Chiyo Chiyo is a bloody Japanese girl's name. This specific name is composed of the characters for “blood” and “night” and would be a fitting name for any child born during a blood moon.
  • Chizuki Chizuki is a hematic Japanese name for girls. This name simply means “blood moon” and might just edge out Chiyo as the most appropriate name derived from a specific astronomical phenomenon.
  • Fluonia Fluonia is a ruddy Roman name for girls. This particular name is taken from Juno Fluonia, a goddess who held back menstrual blood during conception and pregnancy.
  • Ixquic Ixquic is a blood-spattered Quiché name for girls. This specific name means “blood woman.” Ixquic was also the name of the mother to Hunahpu and Ixbalanque in Mayan mythology.
  • Muhjah Muhjah is a vital Arabic name for girls. This one name can mean “soul” or “heart's blood.” Mahjah, Muhja and Muhjar are all known variant spellings.
  • Qu'lith Qu'lith is a bloody-minded girl's name from the Drow language of Dungeons & Dragons. This specific name means “blood.” It should be pronounced “coo-lith.”
  • Sheerah Sheerah is a hematic girl's name from Hebrew. This particular name means “blood relative.”
  • Talutah Talutah is a sanguine Sioux name for girls. This specific name means “blood-red.”
  • Tokino Tokino is a Japanese girl's name of the blood. This one name can mean “bloody,” “red” or “vermillion.”

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