Everly has a deep symbolic meaning that represents an individual who is full of courage. It remains a strong name today, primarily for girls, though it once started as a surname in old England. The name has only been on the Social Security Index for nine years, but it is already a top 50 name for girls.

Meaning of the name Everly:

English: “wild boar in woodland clearing”, “from the boar meadow”

Origin of the name Everly:

The name Everly was originally an English surname in old England. It may have originated from the German-surname which was Eberhard. The English may have put their own twist on this German name to come up with Everly. Now, it has become a popular first name for girls.

Symbolism of the name Everly:

The meaning of the name Everly may seem funny at first, but it is actually very symbolic. In historical England, if you were known to have killed a wild boar, you would be considered someone who had a lot of bravery and strength. The Germans, from who the surname arose, actually were said to see these animals as a representation of strength. Families of these hunters, then, would be given this surname in historical times.

Style of the name Everly:

The name Everly is traditional in the sense that it was once an English surname. Now, however, it is becoming a more modern first name.

Gender of the name Everly:

The baby name Everly is primarily for girls. Rarely, you will find a boy with this name.

Pronunciation of the name Everly:


Number of syllables in the name Everly:

There are three syllables in the baby name Everly.

Emotion evoked from the name Everly:

The baby name Everly still has a significant amount of strength behind it. It is a unique name that is meant to stand out, which may give off emotions of bravery and extroversion as well.

Alternative spellings for the name Everly:

Nicknames for the name Everly:

Popularity of the name Everly:

Everly became listed on the Social Security Index in 2012, and it jumped up to a top 200 spot in 2014 at number 178. By the year 2015, the name was number 138 overall. Now, since the year 2019, Everly is a top 50 name for girls, ranking at number 43 for the past two years.

Related names for the name Everly:

Great middle names for Everly and their meanings:

  • Anne (favor, grace)
  • Faye (fairy)
  • Dawn (the first appearance of light)
  • Shea (admirable)
  • Brooke (water, small stream)
  • Jess (the Lord exists)
  • Jean (God is gracious)

Famous people with the name Everly:

  • Everly Tatum (daughter of Channing Tatum)
  • Everly Wylde (daughter of Adam Wylde)
  • Everly Johnson (daughter of Brent Johnson)

Everlys in popular culture:

  • Everly (title character in “Everly”)
  • Everly (title of an American folk band)