Everett began as a surname, but as time has progressed, it has increasingly been used as a first name. Everett is a name with deep Germanic symbolism as well as a wild boar represents a sense of bravery. In recent years, it has become more popular due to names such as Elliott and Evelyn that are also increasing in popularity.

Meaning of the name Everett:

English: wild boar herd
German: brave boar

Origin of the name Everett:

The baby name Everett was originally a surname for traditional English families. The name came from the historically German name Everard which was used as a first name. The English wanted to use this Germanic background to create their own Anglican surname, which eventually became a popular first name.

Symbolism of the name Everett:

The baby name Everett utilizes the historically German symbolism of the bravery of the wild boar. These animals were said to be some of the bravest and strong, so those families with the name were said to be families full of bravery and strength.

Style of the name Everett:


Gender of the name Everett:

The baby name Everett is mostly seen among males.

Pronunciation of the name Everett:

EHV-e-rit or EHV-rit

Number of syllables in the name Everett:

Two or three depending on how you pronounce it

Emotion evoked from the name Everett:

Everett is a very masculine baby name that feels strong and brave. It does have a certain roughness about it, but this does not make the name anymore lowly.

Alternative spellings for the name Everett:

  • Everette
  • Everitt
  • Everrett
  • Everet

Nicknames for the name Everett:

  • Ev
  • Rett
  • Rhett
  • Ever
  • Vere

Popularity of the name Everett:

Everett was on the top 100 list from 1900 to 1923, except for the year 1911 when it was number 102. In 2018, the name re-entered the top 100 list after even reaching the 600s. In 2020, the name received the placement of the 90th most popular name for boys.

Related names for the name Everett:

Great middle names for Everett and their meanings:

  • Jackson (son of Jack/John)
  • Taylor (tailor)
  • Ryan (little king)
  • Dawson (son of David)
  • Truman (loyal one)
  • Cane (acquired)
  • Holden (“from the hollow in the valley”)

Famous people with the name Everett:

  • Everett McGill (actor, “Silver Bullet”)
  • Everett Dirksen (former politician)
  • Everett Golson (NFL player, Saints)
  • Everett Sloane (actor, “Patterns”)
  • Everett Warner (professional painter)

Everetts in popular culture:

  • Everett Stone (character from “The Family Stone”)
  • Everett (character from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)
  • Everett Young (character from “Stargate Universe”)