From Hurley to Morrissey and beyond, each of these boy names that mean sea is unique in its own right. Peruse the options and select the perfect name for your son.

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  • AdrianAdrian is a Latin boy's name associated with the deep. It means “sea” or “water” and is the shortened form of the names Adrianus and Hadrianus.
  • Barun Barun is a benthic boy's name from Sanskrit. It means “lord of the sea.”
  • Caspian Caspian is a watery English boy's name. While the name is a demonym for residents of Qazvin, Iran, it is also the name of a large saltwater sea within Eurasia. There is also the character of Prince Caspian from the “Narnia” series of books.
  • Culbart Culbart is a distinctly seagoing English boy's name. It means “seaman.”
  • Hải Hải is a Vietnamese boy's name of the sea. Indeed, this name, written as 海, can mean “sea” or “ocean.”
  • Havelock Havelock is a saltwater Scandinavian boy's name. It means “sea competition.”
  • Hurley Hurley is a nautical boy's name of Irish origin. It means “sea tide.”
  • Kaiaka Kaiaka is a Hawaiian's boy's name of the seas. Indeed, the name means “shadowed sea” and might suit a boy born during storms.
  • Kaito Kaito is a Japanese boy's name of the deep. Written as either 海斗 or 海翔, it can mean “sea star” or “soaring sea.”
  • Kajartan Kajartan is an Old Norse boy's name of maritime might. It means “sea warrior.”
  • Leomaris Leomaris is a Latin boy's name of the marine. It means “lion of the sea.”
  • Llyr Llyr is a watery Welsh boy's name. While it means “sea,” Llyr was the Welsh sea god and possibly the inspiration for Britain's King Leir. The name is pronounced “leer.”
  • Marion Marion is a Hebrew boy's name of the depths. It means “sea drop.”
  • Marinus Marinus is an Ancient Roman and also Dutch name related to the sea. It mans “of the sea.”
  • Merlin Merlin is a Welsh-derived boy's name connected to the seas. As the name is derived from the Welsh name Myrddin, it can be interpreted that Merlin means “sea fortress.” Yes, this is the same name as the famous adviser to King Arthur.
  • Morrissey Morrissey is an iconic Irish name with naval attachments. While it means “choice of the sea,” it might be chosen simply because the parents love mid-80s indie rock groups.
  • Muir Muir is a Scotch boy's name of the seas. While initially a surname for people coming from a moor or fen, Muir also means “sea” in Scottish Gaelic.
  • Murchadh Murchadh is an Scot-Irish boy's name of water. It is a compound name that means “sea warrior.”
  • Pelagius Pelagius is a boy's name of waters Latinized from Ancient Greek. While the name means “the sea,” it appears as the name of two popes and a handful of saints.
  • Pontius Pontius is an ancient boy's name connected to the seas and found within Ancient Rome and the Bible. While the name means “sea,” one of the most notable men to have this name would the Judea's Pontius Pilate.
  • Pontus Pontus is a Greek boy's name of the deep. It not only means sea but was the name of a sea god and the Titan goddess Gaia's child.
  • Sæwine Sæwine is an aquatic Anglo-Saxon boy's name. This is a compound name that means “sea friend” and is pronounced “say-uh-win.”
  • Takumi Takumi is a seaworthy Japanese boy's name. Depending on how the name is written in Japanese characters, it can mean “artisan,” “skillful,” “expanding ocean,” “sea fruit” or “sea truth.”
  • Tengiz Tengiz is a Georgian boy's name with coastal connections. The name means “sea” or “ocean.”
  • Yam Yam is an Ugaritic boy's name related to the sea. This name means not only “sea” but is also the name of the Ugaritic sea god, a being with dominion over chaos, storms and destruction.

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