This list of boy names that mean gray is filled with a wide and varied selection of handsome and impactful options. Explore the list — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Blanford Blanford is an English boy's name with a rather gray context. This specific name means “gray man's ford.”
  • Caeso Caeso is an ashen, Ancient Roman boy's name. The meaning of this specific name is “blue-gray.” The C should be treated like a K, resulting in the pronunciation of “kai-zo.”
  • Caesonius Caesonius is an sooty and Ancient Roman name suitable for boys. This name's particular meaning translates as “blue-gray.” Because Roman Cs are treated like Ks, this name should be pronounced “kai-zo-nee-us.”
  • Douglas Douglas is a smoky Scottish boy's name. This name's meaning comes from combining the Gaelic word for “black” and “dark” with the one for “blue,” “green,” “gray” and “stream.”
  • Dubhghlas Dubhghlas is a griseous and Gaelic name for boys. This particular name means “black gray” or “dark gray,” among other phrases.
  • Dubhglas Dubhglas is a hoary Irish name for boys. The meaning behind this name equates to “dark gray” or “dark green,” among other expressions
  • Farrand Farrand is an ashen boy's name from the French language. The exact meaning of this name would be “gray-haired.”
  • Gláucio Gláucio is a pale Portuguese name for boys. This name's specific meaning is “blue-gray.” The proper pronunciation of this name would be “Glah-ooch-ee-o.”
  • Glauco Glauco is an Italian boy's name with a gunmetal soul. This particular name means “bluish-gray.” This name should be pronounced “Glow-ko.”
  • Glaucus Glaucus is a sooty Greek boy's name. This name means “blue-gray.” In Greek mythology, Glaucus was a sea-god who gained immortality after consuming a magical herb.
  • Glaukos Glaukos is a Greek boy's name with a smoky quality to it. This name happens to mean “bluish-gray.”
  • Graeghamm Graeghamm is a griseous boy's name of Celtic origin. The exact meaning of this name is “one from the gray home.”
  • GrayGray is a hoary modern English boy's name. This name is the most oblique entry in this list as it literally means the color that results from blending black and white.
  • GraysonGrayson is a pallid boy's name from England. This name alludes to multiple ideas of heritage, resulting in a meaning of “son of the reeve/gray-haired/gray family/Gregory.” A reeve was a senior official in local government.
  • Grayvesone Grayvesone is a sooty Celtic name for boys. This particular name can mean “son of the gray family” or “son of the gray-haired.”
  • Greely Greely is an English boy's name with a smoky quality. This one name means “originating from the gray meadow.”
  • GreyGrey is a dingy boy's name from Old English. This name's meaning is synonymous with the result of blending black and white colors.
  • Griswold Griswold is a smoky Teutonic name for lads. This particular name's meaning translates as “hailing from the gray forest.”
  • Horton Horton is a pearly English name suitable for a boy. This unique name means “gray town.”
  • LoydLoyd is a hoary boy's name from the Welsh language. This name's meaning happens to exactly equate to “gray.”
  • LloydLloyd is a wan lad's name originating from Wales. This one name means “gray.”
  • Masichuvio Masichuvio is a hoary Hopi name for boys. Its exact meaning translates as “gray deer.”
  • Mingan Mingan is a sooty Native American boy's name. Its specific meaning is “gray wolf.”
  • Slate Slate is an ashen Anglo-French name for garçons. Much like the rock that takes its name from this word, slate means a shade of gray that is tinted with blue, green or purple.
  • Steel Steel is a Germanic boy's name with a gunmetal bearing. This specific name can allude to either the well-known alloy or its bluish-gray coloration.

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