From Ardesia, which means “slate gray,” to Grizela, which means “gray-haired,” each of these girl names that mean gray is unique and feminine. Explore the options and their meanings and origins, and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Ardesia Ardesia is an Italian girl's name with a nice smoky flavor to it. This particular name either means “slate” or “slate gray.”
  • Arianrhod Arianrhod is a wan girl's name from the Welsh language. The specific meaning of this name translates as “silver-gray wheel.” In the native mythology of Wales, Arianrhod is a powerful goddess who magically gave life to a pair of sons.
  • Bahria Bahria is an ashen and Arabic name for girls. This one name can mean “beautiful,” “gray” or “water.”
  • Caesonia Caesonia is a smokey Ancient Roman name for girls. The exact meaning of this name is “gray-and-blue.”
  • Cecilio Cecelio is a pearly Latin girl's name. This specific name means “gray eyes.”
  • Cinderella Cinderella is an ashen girl's name taken from French literature. This specific name breaks down to mean “little (gray) ashes.”
  • Dove Dove is a hoary English girl's name. This particular name can mean the various shades of gray that its namesake bird is known to appear as. Doves and pigeons are the same species of bird, despite one being known mostly for being white and the other known for being gray.
  • Fotini Fotini is a gunmetal-hued Greek name for girls. This name has quite a spread of meanings, including “hollow,” “flood,” “gray-haired,” the color gray and “sacred.”
  • Gláucia Gláucia is a gunmetal girl's name from Portuguese. The meaning of this name is “blue-gray hue.”
  • Gnishilda Gnishilda is a Dutch girl's name of hoary character. This particular name means “gray battle maiden.”
  • Gricelda Gricelda is a German girl's name of gunmetal quality. This one name means either “gray” or “gray-haired.”
  • Grisella Grisella is a sooty Latin girl's name. The meaning behind this name can be taken as either “gray” or “gray-haired.”
  • Grizel Grizel is a gunmetal-hued girl's name from the Germanic family of languages. This name happens to mean “gray-colored fighting maiden.”
  • Grizela Grizela is a smoky girl's name traced back to Scotland. This particular name means “gray-haired.”
  • Grizelda Grizelda is a Latin girl's name that happens to have an ashen quirk to it. This one name happens to mean “gray.”
  • Gryselda Gryselda is a wan girl's name of German origin. This one name means “gray.”
  • Haiiro Haiiro is a Japanese girl's name with a sooty core. Its exact meaning is just the color “gray.” The proper pronunciation of this name is “hi-ee-ro.”
  • HeatherHeather is a hoary English girl's name. The actual meaning of this name alludes to a shade of gray that blends and speckles with various colors.
  • Líadain Líadain is a pearly Irish girl's name. This one name just means the color gray.
  • Líadan Líadan is a smoky Old Irish name for girls. The meaning behind this name is “gray.” Allegedly, Líadan was a nun and poet who died of grief after being separated by her lover Cuirithir.
  • WillowWillow is a hoary Old English name for girls. This name refers to a soft pallid gray-green color much like the flowers that bloom on the tree with the same name. Willow Rosenberg was one of Buffy's best friends in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show and one who soon grew into a powerful witch.
  • ZeldaZelda is a Germanic and griseous girl's name. The meaning of this name translates as “gray fighting maid.” Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of “The Legend of Zelda,” has said that he chose Zelda for the princess' name because of Zelda Fitzgerald's timeless beauty.
  • Zelde Zelde is a sooty, Teutonic name for girls. The specific meaning behind this name is “gray haired battle maiden.”
  • Zezili Zezili is a sooty Latin name for girls. The specific meaning of this name translates as “she with gray eyes.”
  • Zezilia Zezilia is a pale Latin name for girls. This name's exact meaning is “she with gray eyes.”

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