From Bruno to Blaine and Forest to Flynn, each of these boy names that mean color is delightful and unique. Whether you're looking for a name that means a specific color or you prefer a name that literally means “color,” you'll find it here. Explore these options and find the best name for your little boy.

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  • AdamThough Adam is a Biblical name, it also stands for a deep shade of red that is the color of the earth. This name has Hebrew origins and is very popular.
  • AshAsh usually refers to a pale shade of grey. Horror movie fans often choose it in honor of Ash from the Evil Dead franchise.
  • Auburn Auburn is a classy baby name and a color that is both red and brown. Some parents select this name because they're fans of Auburn University.
  • BlaineMany parents do not know that Blaine began as a term for yellow. This boy's name gained fame after a popular character on the series Glee.
  • Brick There are few names that mean color that are as masculine as Brick. Brick is the deep reddish-brown color of the construction materials of the same name.
  • BrunoBruno is just one of the foreign terms for brown that are now popular baby names. This name has German roots and was popularized by musician Bruno Mars.
  • Cadet Cadet stands for a shade of grey with blue tones but is also a military term. It is more popular in North America than in other regions.
  • Flynn In Gaelic, Flynn means red. This name has multiple spellings such as Flyn along with Flannigan, which is usually a person's last name.
  • ForestThe name Forest stands for a wooded area and the green colors of tree leaves. Forest Whitaker is one of the most famous people with this name.
  • GannonGaelic people used the term Gannon to describe a pale color or someone with fair hair. Another way to spell this name that some use as a last name is Ganon.
  • GrayGray is an old English name that stands for the color that is between white and black. Some also spell this boy's name as Grey.
  • HunterMany parents like the masculine feeling of Hunter, which is a shade of deep green. Huntar and Huntor are alternative spellings to this Germanic name,
  • Jett Jett is a dark shade of black, but the name can also refer to a black gemstone. Another way to spell this unique name is Jet like a plane.
  • Moss Moss is a natural plant that has a deep green color, which inspired this name. Though it has Germanic roots, it's more popular today in North America.
  • Orrin Orrin comes from an Irish word that describes a pale shade of green. Also spelled as Orin, it can mean someone who has dark hair too.
  • PhoenixPhoenix is a masculine name that stands for a dark shade of red with purple tones. Phoenix List is one of the top celebrities with this name.
  • Roy Parents often choose Roy because it's a classic name that means red which is less popular today. Royce is an alternative to the Gaelic name Roy.
  • Rufus Rufus can mean the color red or someone with red hair. The name fell out of favor in the 1980s but is poised for a comeback.
  • Russell The name Russell comes from a French word for the color red. It is often a top option for parents of little boys with red hair.
  • Red Red is a bold color and a fun name for boys. Some might remember Red as the name of the main characters on That 70s Show.
  • RustyThough usually used as a nickname, Rusty is also a cute first name where it means a reddish-brown color. Film fans know it as the name of the son in the National Lampoon Vacation films.
  • Sage Sage is both the name of an herb and a soft green color. This word has both French and Latin roots and ranks as one of the 500 most popular boy's names.
  • Slate The word Slate is French in origin and means a color of blue with hints of grey. Parents can choose a modern English version of this name, Slater.
  • Steel Steel is both a name and a soft grey metallic color. Comic book fans like the name for its association with the character from Legends of Tomorrow.
  • SterlingOften associated with sterling silver, this name describes a soft silver or grey color. Also spelled as Stearling, it has old English roots.

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