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The baby name Adam is one of the most popular Hebrew names in existence, especially since it is the name of the first man created in the Bible. Sometimes, due to Adam being the name for the first man, the name itself is used as a general term to reference all of mankind. In more recent years, as of the 1960s, Adam is better known as a western name that cowboys have used throughout their generations in the naming of their sons.

Meaning of the Name Adam:

Hebrew: “son of the red earth”
Biblical: earthy, red

Origin of the Name Adam:

The first instance of the name Adam is from ancient Hebrew times in which, according to the Bible, God created the first man and named him Adam. The name may have come from a Hebrew word, which is adamah and means earth. Adam has remained one of the most “manly” names, with its popularity rising again in the 1960s with the popularity of the baby name used in western films.

Symbolism of the Name Adam:

The baby name is extremely symbolic because in the Bible, the first man was literally created from the dust of the earth by God. This goes well with the meaning of Adam being a son of the earth. Hebrew men at the time were also known for having red skin, and this correlates well with the red earth that is portrayed in the meaning as well. In modern times, there is so much symbolism behind the name Adam. This plays into idioms such as “not knowing someone from Adam” or even in describing all of mankind as a whole.

Style of Adam:

The style of the baby name Adam is very classical.

Gender of the Baby Name Adam

The gender of the baby name Adam is very manly, so is used for boys.

Pronunciation of Adam:

A dom

Number of Syllables in the Name Adam:

There are two syllables in the name Adam.

Emotion Evoked from the Name Adam:

Emotions evoked from the name Adam are very strong and proud.

Alternative Spellings of Adam:

  • Aadam
  • Adem
  • Adom
  • Addam

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Nicknames for the Name Adam:

  • Ads
  • Addy
  • Add
  • Adzy
  • Ace 
  • Adders

Popularity of the Name Adam:

The baby name Adam has been on the top 100 list since the year 1970. It was actually a top 20 name though from the years 1981 to 1984. In 2020, the name ranked at number 96 overall.

Related names to Adam:

Great Middle Names for Adam and Their Meanings:

  • Gregory (watchful, vigilant)
  • Elliott (with strength and right)
  • Wyatt (hardy, brave, strong)
  • Shane (God is gracious)
  • Phillip (fond of horses)
  • Joseph (He will add)

Famous People with the Name Adam:

  • Adam Brody (Actor, “The O.C.”)
  • Adam Devine (Actor, “Workaholics”)
  • Adam Driver (Actor, Star Wars)
  • Adam Levine (Lead singer of Maroon 5)
  • Adam Scott (Actor, “Parks and Recreation”)
  • Adam Sandler (Actor, Happy Gilmore)
  • Adam Lambert (Singer, “American Idol” contestant)

The Name Adam in Movies/Pop Culture:

  • Adam (First man, The Bible)
  • Adam Strange (D.C. Comics)
  • Adam Cartwright (“Ponderosa” character)
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