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Shane is an ideal boy's name. Short but sturdy, this name has an agreeable tone that never loses its adaptability or appeal. The name's timeless tonality has also made it a staple in popular culture. Shane is the eponymous hero of the Jack Schaefer novel and film, and Shane Gray is the main character in Disney's Camp Rock. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Shane:

Shane is an Irish form of the Hebrew name Yohanan (meaning “God is gracious”). This name began as the Irish forename Seaghán (or Seán). The name Seán itself was the Irish variant of the Gaelic name Eóin, and it is a cognate of the English name John.

During Anglicization, English scribes translated Seaghán as Shaun or Shawn for most dialects in the Irish language. However, the unique pronunciation of the Ulster dialect in the northern region of Ireland received a translation of Shane.

Symbolism of the name Shane:

Shane is an Irish version of the name John. In the New Testament, John was one of the evangelists who wrote the four gospels. The canonical symbol for John is the eagle. Shane is also a prominent surname in the Irish province of Ulster. The symbol for the House of Ulster is the palm (or red hand).

Nicknames for the name Shane:

  • Shay 
  • Shanny
  • Shannie
  • Shan
  • Ane
  • ShayShay
  • Shanie
  • Sean 
  • Hane
  • Anes
Baby name Shane


Style of the name Shane:


Gender of the name Shane:

Shane is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Shane:


Number of syllables in the name Shane:


Emotion evoked from the name Shane:

The name Shane evokes feelings of generosity and goodwill.

Alternative spellings for the name Shane:

Popularity of the name Shane:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Shane was the 508th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Great middle names for Shane and their meanings:

  • Austin (great, magnificent)
  • Declan (man of prayer, full of goodness)
  • Eamon (wealthy protector)
  • Joaquin (uplifted by God)
  • Liam (helmet, strong-willed warrior, protector)
  • Maxwell (great stream)
  • Patrick (nobleman)
  • Reginald (king)
  • Tatum (cheerful, glad, homestead)
  • Tiernan (little lord)

Famous people with the name Shane:

  • Shane Richard Acker (filmmaker)
  • Shane Courtney Battier (basketball player)
  • Shane Arliss Culkin (brother of actor Macaulay Culkin)
  • Shane Albert Doan (ice hockey player)
  • Shane Warren Kippel (actor)
  • Shane Brandon McMahon (wrestler)
  • Shane Haaken Sorbo (son of actor Kevin Sorbo)
  • Shane Patrick Victorino (baseball player)
  • Shane Robert Watson (cricketer)
  • Shane Mark Williams (rugby player)
  • Shanehero of the Jack Schaefer novel and its Hollywood film adaptation)
  • Shane Botwin (lead character in the television show Weeds)
  • Shane Gray (main character in Disney's Camp Rock)
  • Shane Vendrell (character on The Shield)
  • Shane Walsh (character in The Walking Dead)
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