From Lacko to Nicholai to Bojan, this list of Slavic baby names for boys is robust and features some incredibly strong and masculine names. Explore the list — complete with meanings and, often, pronunciations — to find the perfect name for your son!

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  • Alen Alen (pronounced AH-len) is a Serbian and Croatian name akin to the English form of Alan. With its roots in Celtic, Breton, Latin, and Irish languages, Alen means “handsome” in Irish Gaelic, “little rock” in Breton/Celtic Gaelic, and “from the Alan people” in Latin.
  • Alois As a name rooted in the Germanic and Slavic languages, Alois (which is pronounced ah-lo-ISS) can mean “famous warrior”.
  • Bojan Also spelled Bohdan, Bojan is a Slavic boys' name that means “God's gift” – perfect for your little gift.
  • Casimir Casimir (pronounced KAH-zee-meer) is a Slavic male name that means “famous destroyer (of peace)” – something little boys excel at!
  • Damek As the Slavic form of Adam, Damek (pronounced DAH-mehk) means “Earth”.
  • Dmitri Pronounced DUH-mee-tree, this Slavic and Russian male name translates to “follower of Demeter”. Demeter is the Greek goddess of fertility and farming.
  • Dragan Derived from the Slavic word ‘drag', Dragan (DRAH-gan) can mean “beloved” or “dear” – a beautiful way to describe your new bundle of joy.
  • Gavril A Slavic boy name that means “God is my strength”, Gavril is often used in Russia and the Slavic countries.
  • IvanPronounced either ee-VAHN or EYE-van, Ivan means “God is gracious”. Its origins are rooted in Hebrew, Russian, and Slavic languages. It was popularized by Russian rulers Ivan the Great and his grandson, Ivan the Terrible. It is still commonly used, including by American actor Ivan Sergei.
  • Janek Pronounced YAH-nek, this masculine name has its origins in Danish, Slavic, Hebrew, and Hindu. It means “God is gracious”.
  • JavanJavan is a name with roots in Hebrew as the name of Noah's grandson in the Bible. In Arabic and Sanskrit, it means “youth”. It also shares some Slavic roots.
  • Lacko Pronounced LAH-koh, Lacko is a Slavic male name that denotes “glorious rule” – something your little one will have over your household.
  • Maksim – Likely derived from the Latin word “maximumus”, Maksim can mean “the greatest”. It has been popularized by Dancing With the Stars dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
  • Miroslav Miroslav is a relatively popular Slavic boy name meaning “peaceful glory”, an ideal fit for a calm baby.
  • Nicholai As a variant of the Anglicized name Nicholas, Nicholai means “victory of the people” or “conqueror of the people” in Slavic.
  • Oleg Typically used for males, Oleg has its roots in Slavic, Russian, Ukrainian, and Old Norse. It means “holy light”.
  • Radimir Meaning “famous joy”, Radimir is a somewhat unpopularly used Slavic male name.
  • Sagan Pronounced “SAY-gan”, this Slavic name means “wise one”. It is also a surname, as evidenced by the renowned American astronomer Carl Sagan.
  • Stanislas Stanilsas is derived from the Irish and Gaelic name Aneislis as well as the Slavic name Stanislaus. It means “careful”.
  • Stasio Originating in the Greek language, Stasio is also a Slavic male name that means “resurrection”.
  • Tibor Pronounced TI-bor, this relatively popular Slavic name means “sacred place”.
  • Venceslao Venceslao (pronounced VEN-ce-slao) is related to the name Wenceslaus and can mean “greater glory”.
  • Vlad Vlad – most known for being the given name of Vlad Tepes (also known as the Impaler, Dracul, and Dracula) – is a popular Slavic male name meaning “glorious rule”.
  • Wenzel Pronounced WEN-zuhl, this Slavic male name translates to “greater glory”.

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