This list of Slavic baby names for girls is filled with a wide selection of strong yet feminine options. From Danika to Tatyana to Mirka and beyond, each name is filled with deep meaning and unique beauty. Take a look!

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  • Alatinka Taken from Czechoslovakian and Slavic words, Alatinka is a girl's name that means “golden”.
  • Ania – Pronounced AH-nee-ah, this Slavic girl's name means “grace”.
  • Biljana Biljana (BIL-yah-nah) has Slavic origins and is used in Croatian and Serbian despite its meaning being lost.
  • Caterina With its Slavic origin, the name Caterina means “pure”. Catarina, Catherine, and Katherine are all variants of this girls' name.
  • Chessa Chessa (CHESS-ah) has its roots in Slavic language and translates to “at peace”.
  • DanikaA variant of Danica, this Slavic girls' name can mean “morning star” or “from Denmark”. It has been popularized by actress Danica McKellar and race car driver Danica Patrick.
  • Elga Elga is a girls' name rooted in Slavic language. It means “sacred” or “holy”.
  • Ilka Pronounced IL-ka, this semi-popular Slavic girls' name means “flattering” or “hardworking”.
  • IvanaTaken from Czechoslovakian, Slavic, and Hebrew, Ivania (Ee-vah-nah) means “God is gracious”. Croatian-American actress Ivana Miličević has helped make it popular in the US in recent years.
  • Kalena Coming from Polish and Slavic origins, the feminine name Kalena means “flower”.
  • Lavera Pronounced LAH-veh-rah, this Slavic girls' name shares some Latin origins. It means “truth” or “faith” and is related to the name Vera.
  • Lenka As the diminutive form of Elena, this Slavic girls' name means “light”.
  • LydaLyda – meaning “small winged one” – finds its origins in the Latin name Alida, the Greek names Lydia and Leda, and the Slavic name Lida.
  • Milka Milka (MIL-ka) shares Latin, Slavic, and Hebrew origins. It has multiple possible meanings: “hard-working”, “queen”, “eager”, “flattering”, laborious”, or “rival”.
  • Mirka Mirka (MEER-ka) is a variation of the name Mira, which is found in Latin, Slavic, and Hindi languages. It can mean “peace”, “prosperous”, or “wonderful”.
  • Radinka Meaning “industrious for the people”, Radinka is a variation of another Slavic girls' name – Radmilla.
  • Svetlana Pronounced S'veht-la-na, this Slavic name is widely used. Its Russian and Slavic origins give it the meaning “light”.
  • TatyanaIs your little one an otherworldly creature? The name Tatyana is a popular Slavic girls' name that means “fairy queen”.
  • Toskia A Slavic derivative of Tosha, this Slavic feminine name can be taken to mean “Christmas” – perfect for your baby being born around the holidays.
  • Vanda Vanda is a Slavic girls' name that means “the tribe of the Vandals”. It has its roots in Czechoslovakian and Italian.
  • Velika Meaning “great” or “wondrous”, Velika is a Slavic name used for girls.
  • Yarmilla With a Slavic name that means “trader”, your little girl is sure to be skilled at bartering for what she wants.
  • Zaria An uncommon name meaning “princess”, Zaria is a Slavic derivative of the Hebrew name Sarah.
  • Zorya Akin to the name Zora, Zorya is a Slavic name that translates into the word “dawn”.

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