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Ivana is the feminine form of the name Ivan. It is a Slavic name that is also popular in southern Ireland, France, areas of Canada, Latin America, and the Mediterranean.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Ivana

Ivana is a name that is Slavic in origin. The name has multiple meanings, all of Serbian origin. The name can mean “Gift from God, gift from the heavens, very small, or precious”. The possible meanings of this name should make it popular with families of faith.

Symbolism of the Name Ivana

Ivana tends to finish what she starts. She is compassionate, intuitive, and loving. She is also quite lucky. Ivana tends to be creative and intuitive. She works hard to achieve emotional and financial security.

Nicknames for the Name Ivana

Ivana is a beautiful name with strong European ties. Whether you've decided on this name or are still looking, take a moment to consider the following nicknames for Ivana:

Style of the Name Ivana


Gender of the Name Ivana

Ivana is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Ivana


Number of Syllables in the Name Ivana


Emotion Evoked From the Name Ivana

Ivana is a sympathetic friend, but she can sometimes be touchy and overly sensitive. She is a peacemaker and always desires harmony and balance. She is also patient and maybe shy.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Ivana

  • Ivanna

Popularity of the Name Ivana

Ivana became popular on the charts around 1990. It slowly declined on the charts until the year 2000, when it shot back up. By 2011, it had dropped again. The name has only appeared on the top 1,000 chart twice in the 21st century, according to the Social Security Administration. It has not appeared on the list since 2010.

Great Middle Names for Ivana and Their Meanings

  • Maryam (rebellious)
  • Pamela (all honey, sweetness)
  • Jubita (gift of God)
  • Andrea (strong and brave)
  • Carol (strong or joyful)
  • Alexia (defender of men)
  • Mariel (star of the sea)
  • Christie (follower of Christ)
  • Erika (ever powerful)

Famous People with the Name Ivana

  • Ivana (Bulgarian pop-folk singer)
  • Ivana Alawi (Filipina actress and model)
  • Ivana Hong (American gymnast
  • Ivana Millicevic (American actress)
  • Ivana Selakov (Serbian singer)
  • Ivana Lie (Indonesian badminton player)
  • Ivana Trump (Czech-American socialite)
  • Ivana Peters (Serbian singer)
  • Ivana Vecerova (Czech basketball player)

Ivana Baiul (fictional character in DV8 and Gen)

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