Andrea may be more popular among girls in America, but it is much more evenly split in other countries around the world. It has many different pronunciations, some of which reflect kindness while others reflect a tropical flair. No matter the case, the baby name Andrea remains one of the most popular for girls.

Meaning of the name Andrea:

Italian: manly
Greek: strong and manly

Origin of the name Andrea:

Andrea, in modern times, is the feminine version of the name Andrew. Prior to modern times, however, the name was created to be an Italian or Greek version of the name Andrew of the Bible. In America, the name is primarily only used for females, but around the world, it is still used for both genders.

Symbolism of the name Andrea:

Andrea is popular among the Christian circle as it reflects the baby name, Andrew. Andrew was known for being a strong follower of Christ. The root word “andr” in Greek, however, is related to manliness.

Style of the name Andrea:


Gender of the name Andrea:

Andrea is mostly used for girls in America but it is a unisex name elsewhere.

Pronunciation of the name Andrea:

ANN-dree-a, AHN-dree-a, or ahn-DRAY-a

Number of syllables in the name Andrea:


Emotion evoked from the name Andrea:

Depending on the pronunciation, Andrea can either be exotic or friendly. It is a name that reflects beauty no matter the emotion.

Alternative spellings for the name Andrea:

  • Andria
  • Ahndrea
  • Anndria
  • Anndrea

Nicknames for the name Andrea:

  • Ann
  • Annie 
  • Andy
  • Dre
  • Drea
  • Day
  • Dede
  • Andi

Popularity of the name Andrea:

As of the year 2020, Andrea ranks at number 148 for girls with a spot on the top 200 list since 2013. From 1962 to 2012, Andrea was a top 100 name though,. Even from 1975 5o 1982, Andrea held tight to a top 30 spot.

Related names for the name Andrea:

Great middle names for Andrea and their meanings:

  • Quincy (estate of the fifth son)
  • Esperanza (hope)
  • Beau (beautiful)
  • Sylvia (woods, forest)
  • Jean (God is gracious)
  • Joy (happiness, joyful)
  • Hart (strong, brave)

Famous people with the name Andrea:

  • Andrea Bowen (actress, “Desperate Housewives”)
  • Andrea Baker (actress, “Totally Spies”)
  • Andrea Romano (voice actress, “July Tales”)
  • Andrea Parker (actress, “The Pretender”)
  • Andrea Hall (actress, “The Mask Podcast”)
  • Andrea Pyle (actress, “Galaxy Quest”)
  • Andrea Cook (actress, “Criminal Minds”)

Andreas in popular culture:

  • Andrea Malone (character from “Crumbs”)
  • Andrea Cantillo (character from “Breaking Bad”)
  • Andrea (character from “The Walking Dead”)
  • Andrea Zuckerman (character from “Beverly Hills 90210”)
  • Andrea Sachs (character from “The Devil Wears Prada”)
  • Andra (character from LEGOs toys)