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Javan is a baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means “Greece”. Javan was a grandson of Noah in the Hebrew Bible and is thought to be the progenitor of the Greek people. Javan has never been in the top 1000 baby names in the US.

Meaning of the name Javan:

Hebrew: Greece

Origin of the name Javan:

Javan is a baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means “Greece”. It is also an Arabic surname common in Iran.

Symbolism of the name Javan:

In the Hebrew Bible, Javan is the name of one of Noah’s grandsons who is thought to be the progenitor of the Greek people. It is also the name of the guardian angel of Greece.

Style of the name Javan:


Gender of the name Javan:

Javan is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Javan:

JAY-vən, JUH-vahn

Number of syllables in the name Javan:


Emotion evoked from the name Javan:

Javan evokes feelings of hard work and ambition.

Alternative spellings for the name Javan:

Jayvan, Jaevan, Javen, Jayven, Javan, Javon, Javonne

Nicknames for the name Javan:

  • Jay
  • Jav
  • Ven
  • Van 
  • Vee

Popularity of the name Javan:

According to the Social Security Administration, Javan is an uncommon baby boy’s name. Javan has never been on the top 1000 baby names list.

Related names for the name Javan:

Great middle names for the name Javan and their meanings:

  • Knox (round hill)
  • Burke (from the fortress)
  • Duke (English noble title)
  • Bastien (person from the city of Sebastia)
  • Alexei (defending men)
  • Ariel (lion of God)
  • Shay (gift)
  • Gavriel (God is my strength)

Famous people with the name Javan:

  • Javan (Biblical figure, grandson of Noah)
  • Javan Noel Vidal (English footballer)
  • Javan Sebastian (Welsh rugby union player)
  • Ali Javan (Iranian-American physicist)
  • Rambod Javan (Iranian actor)

Javan in popular culture:

  • Javan (Biblical, a country mentioned in Isaiah)
  • Javan rhinoceros (biology, a type of rhino native to Asia)
  • Javan (geography, something or someone native to the Indonesian island Java)
  • Javan (television, “Thundercats”)
  • Javan(literature, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series by Jeff Kinney)