Abigail, Blythe, Felicity, Allegra … all of these girl names that mean happiness conjure such feelings. Explore each of these baby names — complete with meaning and origin – and zero in the best name for your little girl. (And if you're having a son, here are some boy names that mean happiness, too!)

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  • AbigailThe name Abigail means “father's joy.” The name has Hebrew origins and can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. It's been a top 20 baby name for girls in the United States since 1998.
  • BeatriceBeatrice is the French version of the Latin name Beatrix. It means “happy” and “blessed.” The name has been popular since the Middle Ages.
  • Beatrix Beatrix also means “happy” and “blessed.” The name is often associated with the famous children's writer Beatrix Potter.
  • NaomiNaomi was Ruth's mother-in-law in the Bible. The Hebrew name means “pleasant” or “pleasantness.” These days, people may associate it with stars like actress Naomi Watts or singer Naomi Judd.
  • FelicityFelicity is an English word name that literally means “happiness.” It's also the name of a 3rd-century saint and a popular show that aired on the WB from 1998 until 2002.
  • Blythe The name Blythe is English, and it's derived from the Old Saxon word “bliði.” That word means “bright and happy.”
  • JoyJoy is a word name that's been pretty popular in the United States for well over a century. It's also a beloved middle name. Joy's meaning is literally “joy,” another word for happiness.
  • Allegra The name Allegra has Italian origins and is often associated with music because it was derived from the word “allegro.” The name is said to mean “happy and joyous.”
  • Letitia The baby name Letitia has Latin roots, and it's a name that dates back Middle Ages. It means “joy” and “happiness.” Lettie and Tish are two popular nicknames for Letitia.
  • Trixie Trixie started out as a nickname for Beatrix, but these days, it's a common given name in its own right. Like Beatrix and Beatrice, it means “happy” and “blessed.”
  • Edna This “grandma name” may seem a bit outdated, but it's got biblical origins and is most likely derived from Eden, as in the Garden of Eden. Edna means “pleasure” and “delight.”
  • Arcadia Arcadia is a Greek name that is used to describe a beautiful region of Greece. The region is thought to symbolize happiness and peace. It's often compared to paradise.
  • Gwyneth Thanks to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, everyone is familiar with this Welsh name with Celtic origins. Gwyneth may be derived from the word “gwynaeth,” which means “happy, blessed, and lucky.”
  • Bliss Bliss is another English word name and virtue name. Its meaning is “perfect happiness” or “great joy.” It also makes a great middle name.
  • Lita Sometimes spelled Leta, Lita is a name with Latin origins. It means “gladness.” Lita is sometimes used as a nickname for Lolita or Amelita.
  • Keiko Keiko is a Japanese name that is filled with optimism. It means “happy child.”
  • Halona Halona is a Native American name for girls that means “happy fortune.” It's also a place name used in Hawaii.
  • Nara The baby name Nara has both Celtic and Japanese origins. While it's sometimes used as a place name, it almost means “happy.” It makes a great alternative to Nora or Tara.
  • Felicia Felicia is a modern name that literally means “happiness.” It can also mean “good fortune.” It's derived from the Latin word “felicitas.” Felecia is related to the masculine neam Felix.
  • Aine Aine has Celtic and Gaelic roots. This name makes a great alternative to Ann or Anne and works well as a middle name too. Aine means “happiness,” though it can also mean “brilliant.”
  • Cheryth Cheryth is thought to be a blend of Gwyneth and the word name Cherry. With this in mind, it means “happy, blessed, and lucky,” but it also relates to the cherry fruit. Cheryth may also be influenced by the biblical place name Cherith.
  • Duscha Duscha is a Russian name that hasn't yet caught on in the English-speaking world. It means “happy.”
  • Geela Geela is a Hebrew name that means “joy.” It is sometimes spelled Geila.
  • Gilana Gilana is actually a derivative of Geela. That means it's also a Hebrew name, and the meaning is “joy.” Both names are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.
  • Winifred Winifred is an English feminine name that can mean “joy,” as well as “peace” and “friend.” Combine all the meanings, and it's definitely a great representative of happiness.

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