If you're looking for boy names that mean redemption, you've come to the right place. From Alexander to Dermot to Charlie to Aroon, each of the names on this list is delightful and unique. Explore the meanings of each name to find the perfect moniker for your little boy.

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  • CharlieThe origins of this classic male title are English. It represents free or redeemed subjects. Moreover, Charlie is often considered a nickname for Charles. A famous Charlie is the actor Sheen.
  • Fidaa Fidaa is a masculine moniker introduced to the world by the Muslim faith. It recognizes redemption and sacrifice.
  • Padon This male offering was first seen during biblical times. It means His redemption.
  • Dermot Dermot is a boy’s name. Its roots are Irish and it represents persons who are free from envy. A celebrated holder is actor Dermot Mulroney.
  • Xabat Spanish-speaking Moms and Dads may title newborn boys Xabat. In English, the moniker means savior.
  • Wanikiy This masculine title is derived from various Native-American tongues. It honors the savior.
  • AlexanderThis powerful male name holds strong Greek roots. In said language, Alexander represents the savior or redeemer of mankind.
  • Kenip Kenip is a boy’s label possessing origins dating back to a time when Sanskrit was a popular means of communication. It means redeemer or sage individual.
  • Qurban The Muslim faith brought forth this male offering. It recognizes sacrifice and redemption.
  • Nithar Nithan is a male moniker. When interpreted from various Indian dialects, it means redemption and sacrifice. Furthermore, it is usually handed down to those born into the Islamic religion.
  • Somin The roots of this masculine title were also grounded in India. The honorific is translated into the expression planning for redemption.
  • Sopatra Greek mothers and fathers might choose this label for newborn boys. In English, Sopatra means father’s savior.
  • Oshea Religious historians maintain that the masculine offering Oshea was introduced during biblical times. Said experts also argue that the designation salutes the savior.
  • Elikai Elikai is a boy’s name. In Hebrew, the label is interpreted into the phrase God is my savior.
  • Sal Sal is a common nickname for the male denomination Salvatore. It holds Spanish and Italian ancestry and represents salvation.
  • JoshuaThis classic boy’s title possesses Hebrew roots. When translated from the sage tongue, Joshua means salvation. Name experts maintain that the name continues to be one of the most popular boy’s names handed out. A current noted bearer is actor Josh Brolin.
  • Anastasius The name Anastasius dates back to ancient Greece. In Greek, the title represents rebirth, redemption, and resurrection.
  • Fajr Fajr is a common boy’s name in the Arabic-conversing world. In the language spoken by millions of Islamic adherents, the label symbolizes the dawn or new beginnings.
  • Yayu Yayu is a masculine name typically handed down to boys born to Hindi-speaking mothers and fathers. In this tongue, the title honors redeemers and helpers.
  • Nouvel Boys born to French parents may receive the title Nouvel. In the western European language, the moniker celebrates redemption and newness.
  • Zoran This name’s seeds were planted in Slavic nations. When translated from various Slavic tongues, the masculine label means beginning.
  • Tarjeev In India, the offering Tarjeev is commonly bestowed upon infant boys. The denomination is translated into the expression life of redemption.
  • Aroon Aroon owes its existence to the Hebrew language. In said tongue, it symbolizes the dawn or beginning. Moreover, it is a variation of the powerful male moniker Aaron.
  • Aheen Persons of Indian heritage might name newborn sons Aheen. Language historians suggest that the label honors sacrifice and redemption.
  • Tereshan Tereshan was first handed out In India. The male denomination means solid redemption.

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