The sword is a symbol of power and protection, and a means in which to garner both. This list of boy names that mean sword is filled with a handsome variety of options — complete with meaning and origin — that would be befitting of a little boy. Explore these names and find the ideal moniker for your little boy.

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  • Uteaj Uteaj is a masculine offering. In various Indian dialects, this name embodies the sword. That said, language experts also argue that the title honors active and strong subjects.
  • Samsaam Adherents of the Muslim religion might choose to honor newborn sons by designating them Samsaam. The title represents the sword.
  • Mieczyslaw This male moniker is popular in Poland. In Polish, Mieczyslaw translates into the phrase the sword of glory.
  • Quillon The name Quillion holds Latin ancestry. In said tongue, the offering personifies the sword.
  • Muhannad Muhannad is a name typically awarded to boys born to Arabic-conversing Moms and Dads. In English, it connotes the sword.
  • Khadga The masculine title Khadga first emerged in India. When interpreted from several of the large and populous Asian nation’s dialects, it means sword.
  • Nareg Nareg is a boy’s name. In Arabic, the denomination emblematizes well-sharpened swords.
  • Gilmat The roots of this male honorific are Scottish. In said language, Gilmat honors sword bearers.
  • Dino Dino is a classic Italian name given to boys. In English, it exemplifies little swords.
  • Kelak The moniker Kelak first grew to prominence during the time Sanskrit was a common form of communication. In this language, Kelak translates into the saying a person who dances around on a sword’s edge.
  • Zain Zane is an Arabic title awarded to boys. It means sword or knife. The label can also be spelled using different letter combinations.
  • BladeAs its title might suggest, Blade represents the sword. In addition, its historical roots are English.
  • Dubhlainn Ireland serves as the home country for this masculine moniker. In Irish, Dubhlainn means black sword.
  • Hesam The male honorific Hesam was first recorded in ancient Persia. In Persian, the offering recognizes large swords.
  • Mahasi The Sikh faith produced the boy’s name Mahasi. It embodies the sword.
  • Saber Saber is a boy’s name. In French, the moniker symbolizes the sword.
  • Kharag Those speaking any number of Indian dialects may denominate newborn boys Kharag. The name personifies the sword. Alternatively, it celebrates sword wielders.
  • Pattisi This boy’s title came into being when people communicated in Sanskrit. In English, Pattisi translates into the expression one possessing a powerful sword.
  • Jigen Jigen is a male moniker. Language experts maintain that this Indian designation equates to the saying the sharpest sword in the world.
  • Gudbrand Gunbrand is a common masculine denomination in Norway. In Norwegian, it pays homage to God’s sword.
  • Faisal Followers of the Muslim religion might name their infant boys Faisal. It exemplifies the sword. The label also honors decisiveness. Several Saudi Arabian kings held this title.
  • Egon Egon is a noted German honorific. In English, the designation honors those who are strong with a sword. A prominent holder is Egon Krenz, who was the last communist leader of East Germany.
  • Brando This is an emerging boy’s name. In Italian, Brando personifies the sword. Additionally, the title means firebrand. Moreover, it is a common surname, which was held by the late Academy Award-winning actor Marlon Brando.
  • Balin Balin is a Hindi offering given to newborn males. It typifies the mighty sword.
  • Sufjan The male moniker Sufjan originated in Armenia. In Armenian, it means slender sword.

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