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Among the Christian church, the name Joshua is extremely popular. In modern times, however, it is popular among boy parents of any religion. The name did begin, however, as a name for the successor of Moses who is found in the Old Testament in the books of Genesis and Exodus.

Meaning of the name Joshua:

Hebrew: “the Lord is my salvation”

Origin of the name Joshua:

Joshua originated during Old Testament times among the Hebrew and Israelite people. It formed from the Hebrew name Yehoshu'a. Joshua simply became the English version of this name that was spread during the Protestant Reformation that occurred throughout Europe.

Symbolism of the name Joshua:

Yehoshu'a, which the baby name Joshua comes from, is broken down into the Hebrew root words “yeho” and “yasha'.” “Yeho” means God, while the root “yasha'” means “to save,” giving the meaning of “the Lord is my salvation.”

Style of the name Joshua:


Gender of the name Joshua:

Joshua has always been used as a baby name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Joshua:


Number of syllables in the name Joshua:


Emotion evoked from the name Joshua:

Joshua is a baby name that feels gentle and kind.

Alternative spellings for the name Joshua:

  • Joshuah
  • Joshuwa
  • Joshuea
  • Joshuaa
  • Joshaua
  • Jozua

Nicknames for the name Joshua:

  • Josh 
  • Jo
  • Joe
  • JJ
  • Jos
  • Shua

Popularity of the name Joshua:

Joshua has been an extremely popular baby name for boys since 1971 when it was on the top 100 list at number 80. As soon as 1973, the name went on to the top 50 list, in 1976, it was on the top 20 list, and from 1979 to 2009, the name was on the top 10 list. Now, the name is back to the top 100 list at rank 54 overall.

Related names for the name Joshua:

Great middle names for Joshua and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Joshua:

  • Joshua Grobin (singer, “You Raise Me Up”)
  • Joshua Reynolds (English painter)
  • Joshua Hutcherson (actor, “The Hunger Games”)
  • Joshua Duhamel (actor, “Transformers”)
  • Joshua Redman (professional saxophonist)
  • Joshua Goodall (professional tennis player)

Joshuas in popular culture:

  • Joshua Rosza (character on “The Originals”)
  • Joshua (character in “Alice Mare” video game)
  • Joshua Matthews (character in “Boy Meets World”)
  • Joshua Washington (character in “Until Dawn” video game)
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