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Samuel began as a name during the Old Testament times, and the first person in recorded history with the name is found in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel in the Bible. This Samuel is extremely important to the Christian faith as he is who informed David of his future kingship. The name is still important now as it has ranked on the top 50 list for decades.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Samuel:

The baby name Samuel comes from the Hebrew name Shemu'el, who was one of the judges and prophets of the Old Testament. He was the one who foretold Jesse, David's father, that David would be king. Due to the importance of this character in the Old Testament, the Protestants during the Reformation spread this name throughout the world. This led to some of the most important historical figures, including Samuel Clemens, Samuel Morse, and Samuel Beckett. Samuel is interpreted to mean “his name is God, told by God, God has heard, name of God”.

Symbolism of the Name Samuel:

Samuel means “told by God” or “God has heard,” for instance, because the Samuel in the Old Testament literally received messages from God. He then told what God had told him to both David and Saul, according to the stories in the Bible.

Nicknames for the Name Samuel:

Samuel is commonly shortened to just Sam, but prospective parents have plenty of other options to consider! Here are our picks for the best nicknames for Samuel:

Baby name Samuel

Style of the Name Samuel:


Gender of the Name Samuel:

The baby name Samuel is exclusively for males.

Pronunciation of the Name Samuel:

SAM-yoo-el, SAM-yul

Number of Syllables in the Name Samuel:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Samuel:

Samuel feels like a very formal name that is of supreme importance. It does almost have an old-fashioned feel to it as well.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Samuel:

  • Samuael
  • Samuell
  • Samuale
  • Samuail
  • Samuaell

Popularity of the Name Samuel:

The baby name Samuel has been on the top 100 list for the entirety of its time on the Social Security Index. It was on the top 50 list from 1900 to 1927 before declining a small bit. In the year 1987, Samuel went back on the top 50 list, and in recent years, the name is the most popular it has ever been. As of the year 2022, Samuel is at rank 20 for boys.

Great Middle Names for Samuel and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Samuel:

  • Samuel Johnson (popet
  • Samuel Adams (Revolutionary patriot)
  • Samuel Morse (inventor of Morse code)
  • Samuel Walton (founder of Walmart)
  • Samuel Clemens (author, Mark Twain, “Huckleberry Finn”)
  • Samuel Jackson (actor, “Glass”)
  • Samuel Hearne (English explorer)
  • Samuel Drake (character from “Uncharted” game)
  • Samuel Winchester (character in “Supernatural”)
  • Samuel Oak (character in “Pokemon” game)
  • Samuel Healy (character in “Orange is the New Black”)
  • Samuel Wilson (Falcon, character from Marvel comics)
  • Samuel Lieberman (character from “Dance Academy”)
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