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Sam is a charming little name that originally began as a nickname. The name Sam is also an easy unisex option. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Sam:

English for “told by God”.

Origin of the name Sam:

Sam is a baby name backed with English origins. Although the name Sam can come from any name with the “Sam-” beginning, Sam is more commonly found to stem from the likes of “Samuels”, “Samantha”, and “Samson”.

Symbolism of the name Sam:

Sam can symbolize a youthful soul, working in counterpart to more traditional names like “Samantha” and “Samuel”. The baby name Sam is also one that can serve as a take on a biblical name for parents that seek something fresh and stylish while still connecting to religion.

Style of the name Sam:


Gender of the name Sam:

Sam is a unisex baby name as it has been used on both girls and boys.

Pronunciation of the name Sam:


Number of syllables in the name Sam:


Emotion evoked from the name Sam:

As a baby name, Sam has a lot of charm and sweetness to it.

Alternative spellings for the name Sam:

There are no popular alternative spellings of the baby name Sam.

Nicknames for the name Sam:

  • Sams
  • Sammi
  • Sammy

Popularity of the name Sam:

Although the baby name Sam is a gender-neutral choice, the name has only ranked in the top 1000 list of popular names for boys. According to the Social Security Administration, Sam ranked its highest in 1900 when it landed at #34.

Related names for the name Sam:

Great middle names for Sam and their meanings:


  • Elise (pledged to God)
  • Eva (life)
  • Mia (mine; bitter)
  • Summer (word name)
  • Birdie (bird)
  • Briar (a thorny patch)
  • Lake (nature name)
  • Snow (word name)


  • Aspen (nature and place-name)
  • Keegan (son of Egan)
  • Riley (courageous)
  • Mason (worker in stone)
  • James (supplanter)
  • Pine (nature name)
  • Levi (joined, attached)
  • Wyatt (brave in war)

Famous people with the name Sam:

  • Sam Anderson (American actor)
  • Sam Worthington (Australian actor)
  • Sam Rockwell (American actor)
  • Sam Neill (New Zealand actor)
  • Sam Lowry Hunt (American singer, songwriter)
  • Sam Heughan (Scottish actor)
  • Sam Cooke (American singer, songwriter, entrepreneur)
  • Sam Clark (Australian actor, singer, songwriter)
  • Sam Trammell (American actor)

Sams in movies/pop culture:

  • Sam Fisher (protagonist in the video game series “Splinter Cell”)
  • Sam(character in the TV shows “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat”)
  • Sam Winchester (character in the TV show “Supernatural”)
  • Sam Lawton (character in the film “Final Destination 5”)
  • Sam Witwicky (the character in the first three “Transformers” movies)
  • Sam Wilson (real name of the Marvel superhero Falcon)
  • Sam(the character in the films “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”)
  • Sam-I-Am in the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss)
  • Sam Loomis (character in the novel and movie “Psycho”)
  • Sam Seaborn (character on the TV show “The West Wing”)
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