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Pamela originated in the 1500s through a poem written by Philip Sidney. Pam, however, is a nickname for this longer option. Pam is no longer a top 1,000 option, however, and it is now a top 12,000 name.

Meaning of the name Pam:

English: all honey

Origin of the name Pam:

Pam began as a diminutive for Pamela. Philip Sidney invented the name for a poem he wrote called “Arcadia” in the late 1500s. He got inspiration from the Greek words “pan” and “meli.” Samuel Richardson continued the popularity of this name by creating a protagonist named Pamela in “Virtue Rewarded” in 1740.

Symbolism of the name Pam:

Pam means “all honey” because it has the same meaning as Pamela. Remember, most agree that Philip Sidney got inspiration for the name from the words “pan” and “meli.” “Pan” means “all,” and “meli” means “honey.”

Style of the name Pam:


Gender of the name Pam:

Pam is a common name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Pam:


Number of syllables in the name Pam:


Emotion evoked from the name Pam:

Pam is an informal and simple name. It is wholesome and approachable.

Alternative spellings for the name Pam:

  • Pamm

Nicknames for the name Pam:

  • Pammi
  • Pammie
  • Pammy
  • Pammee

Popularity of the name Pam:

Pam was a top 1,000 name in America from 1940, when it was ranked 966, to 1973. In 1973, it was number 994 for girls. Pam did best as a top 200 name from 1957 to 1962, ranking highest in 1956 at number 125. In comparison, Pamela was a top 1,000 option until 2011.

Related names for the name Pam:

Great middle names for Pam and their meanings:

  • Quinn (descendent of Conn)
  • Sage (herb, prophet)
  • Mae (goddess of springtime, to increase)
  • Erin (Ireland, peace)
  • Daphne (laurel tree, bay tree)
  • Audrey (noble strength)
  • Morgan (white sea)
  • Bridget (power, strength, vigor)

Famous people with the name Pam:

  • Pam Ayres (poet, comedian)

Pams in popular culture:

  • Pam Beesley (character from “The Office”)
  • Pam (character from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)
  • Pam Ravenscroft (character from “True Blood”)
  • Pam Fields (character from “Pretty Little Liars”)
  • Pam (character from “St. Clare's” series)
  • Pam (character from “Stardew Valley” video game)
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