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Pat is a Latin baby name that means “nobleman, Patrician”. It is a unisex diminutive of both Patrick and Patricia. Pat is an easily recognizable name that was very popular until the 1970s.

Meaning of the name Pat:

Latin: nobleman, Patrician

Origin of the name Pat:

Pat is a Latin name that means “noble, Patrician”. Pat is a unisex name and a diminutive of the names Patrick and Patricia. It comes from the Latin name Patricius and indicated a person of noble rank in ancient Rome.

Symbolism of the name Pat:

Pat means “nobleman” and is associated with the upper class members of society in ancient Rome. Patricians were land owners with more rights and privileges than lower classes within the city and the wider Empire.

Style of the name Pat:


Gender of the name Pat:

Pat is a unisex baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Pat:


Number of syllables in the name Pat:


Emotion evoked from the name Pat:

Pat evokes feelings of hard work and good humor.

Alternative spellings for the name Pat:

There are no common alternative spellings for this name.

Nicknames for the name Pat:

Popularity of the name Pat:

According to the Social Security Administration, Pat is a popular baby name. As a boy’s name, Pat was in the top 1000 baby names list from 1900 to 1973. It peaked at #240 in 1937. As a girl’s name, it was in the top 1000 list from 1911 to 1966. It peaked at #134 in 1941.

Related names for the name Pat:

  • Patricia
  • Patty
  • Patrice
  • Patrick
  • Padraic
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Padrig
  • Pasquale

Great middle names for the name Pat and their meanings:


  • Flynn (son of the red-haired one)
  • Lachlan (from the fjord-land)
  • Ronan (little seal)
  • Cormac (charioteer)
  • Eamon (wealthy protector)
  • Malachy (second)
  • Vaughn (small)
  • Hart (stag)


Famous people with the name Pat:

  • Pat Cassidy (American guitarist)
  • Pat Sajak (American television host)
  • Pat Smear (American guitarist)
  • Pat Proft (American comedy writer and actor)
  • Pat Garrett (American Old West lawman)

Pats in popular culture:

  • Postman Pat (television, “Postman Pat”)
  • Pat O'Neill Riley (television, “Saturday Night Live”)
  • Pat (literature, “St Clare's” by Enid Blyton)
  • Pat (television, “South Park”)
  • Miss Pat (television, “The Miss Pat Show”)
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