For Christian families, every gift is from God — perhaps none more than that of a child. If you're looking to celebrate that belief, consider selecting one of these baby names that mean blessing from God. Each name is unique and beautiful — just like each child. Take a look and find the best fit for your little one.

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  • Dory – Dory began as the shortened form of Dorothy or Doris. Both options come from the Greek name Dorotheos, which means “gift of God.” This meaning is closely related to “blessing from God.”
  • Amaris – Amaris began as a male name in the Hebrew culture. It is now more common among girls. In either case, it translates to “given by God.”
  • Asher – Asher was one of the fathers of the twelve Israeli tribes. This Jewish baby name translates to “blessed” or “happy.” You can find further explanation of this unisex option in Genesis 30:13.
  • Jesse – Jesse was the father of King David in the Old Testament, with the name spreading to English-speaking people during the Protestant Reformation. It comes from the Hebrew Yishai, which translates to “gift.”
  • Amari – Amari is a modern version of Amaris, first created by American parents. It is a unisex option, used primarily by girls recently. It translates to “miracle of God.”
  • Bennett – Bennett is the Medieval version of the ancient name Benedict. Benedict comes from the Latin Benedictus, which translates to “blessed.” Bennett became more popular after the 1700s.
  • Harika – Harika is a cultural name that Turks primarily use. It comes from the word “harika,” which translates to “miracle.” It is a play on the word.
  • Nima – Nima is an ancient Arabic baby name. It is the perfect way to honor your heritage and religion. Nima translates directly to “blessing.”
  • Mirakel – Mirakel is the perfect name for your son if you and your family are of Scandinavian heritage. It translates to “miracle” in Norwegian.
  • Marvel – Marvel is a unisex baby name that is also multilingual. It could come from the French word “merveille, which means “wonder.” In Latin, Marvel could be a version of “mirabilia,” meaning “wonderful things.” In modern times, these background definitions interpret as “miracle.”
  • Benedict – Benedict is one of the most recognizable names from the early Christian church. Saint Benedict formed the Benedictines. It comes from the ancient Latin name Benedictus, which translated to “blessed.”
  • Anjali – Anjali is a cultural name that comes from the Hindu religion. You can represent your Indian heritage by giving your daughter this title that means “gift.”
  • Mercedes – Mercedes comes from the Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, Maria de las Mercedes. This religious option translates to “gracious gifts.”
  • Wynn – Wynn is a strong name option if you want to pay homage to your Welsh heritage. It is a shortened form of Gwyn or Gwendolyn, which translates to “blessed.”
  • Megumi – Megumi is a Japanese name that can respect your family heritage and the culture you love. Parents formed it from kanji elements to mean “blessing” or “grace.”
  • Nasia – Nasia is popular in the Jewish religion. It is a variation of the Hebrew Nasya, which translates to “miracle of God.”
  • Darina – Darina is an eastern European name that began as a diminutive of Daria. It comes from the Slavic “dar,” which means “gift.”
  • Dolly – Dolly is the informal form of Dorothy, which comes from the Greek Dorotheas. Dorotheas means “gift of God,” and Dolly is the cutest rustic option for your daughter.
  • Shia – Shia is a unisex baby name that is religious for Jewish families. It comes from the Hebrew phrase “shay Yah,” which means “gift of God.”
  • Mathis – Mathis is the German version of Matthias. Matthias is an ancient form of Matthew that means “gift from God.”
  • Matt – If you want a more informal version of Matthew or Matthias, Matt is the perfect option. It retains the same meaning, “gift of God.”
  • Theodore – Theodore is a youthful name for boys with adorable nicknames, including Theo and Teddy. It comes from the Greek Theodoros, which means “gift of God.”
  • Winifred – Winifred is a vintage option that will honor your Welsh heritage. Saint Winifred was a martyr in the seventh century from Wales. This girl name translates to “blessed.”
  • Fayola – Fayola is a Nigerian name that originated with the Yoruba tribe. The name translates to “blessed with honor.”
  • Sinead – Sinead is a Celtic baby name for girls and one of the most popular in Ireland. It means “God's gracious gift” in Gaelic.

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