A new baby is indeed a precious gift. If you're looking to merge your love for the Lord and your love for your newborn baby, select a name from this list of baby names that mean gift from God. Each is unique and inspiring. Take a look!

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  • Prish A fairly common name in India, Prish is a name for boys and girls. it is often used as a name by those who study Hindu religion. This name means “God-gifted.”
  • Bracha A great name for girls and good name for boys, Bracha means “a blessing.” The name has Hebrew origins.
  • Oeshi “God's precious gift” is the meaning of the name Oeshi, which has Asian origins and can be given to a boy or girl. This name is original and unique.
  • Yanis Meaning “gift of God,” the name Yanis is unique for both boys and girls. The strong, willful name has Hebrew origins.
  • Shani A terrific name for either gender, the name Shani has Irish origins and means “God sent this.”
  • Miesha This name works well for boys and girls, though more commonly used as a girl's name inside the U.S. This may not apply in countries outside of the U.S. The name has Slavic origins and means “God's gift.”
  • Sanil An Indian name that means “gift of God,” Sanil isn't a common name but instead, unique and rarely used. This name works great for anyone seeking a fun name that isn't overused already.
  • Elsi The name means “God is my oath.” It suits as a name for a boy or a girl and has Scottish origins. Elsi can also be used as a middle name.
  • Baruch This name means “blessed, fortunate.”Jewish most often use the name but it's sometimes found in other households. The name is very uncommon; do not expect to encounter many people, if anyone all, sharing this name.
  • Mehir This name means a “reward from God.” It can be given to a girl or a boy.
  • Avisha This name means “blessings of God.” Use the name for a boy or a girl.
  • Matana Meaning “blessing,” this fun name is unique and feminine but can be alternated for a more masculine sound. Matana is of Hebrew origin.
  • BennettA name for boys or girls, Bennett means “the little blessed one.” The name is derived from the Latin name Benedictus and is of English origin.
  • Joindah This Muslim name means “God's gift.” People with this name often share characteristics that separate them from the rest of the world, such as understanding and compassion.
  • GabrielleThis name most commonly is used for girls, but many boys share the name. Meaning “one who has been given by God,” Gabrielle is a French feminine name of the male name Gabriel.
  • Anum A Muslim name meaning “a gift from God,” the name Anum derives from the Quran.
  • Zebedee Often shortened to the name Zeb, this Biblical name suits a boy for its masculine qualities but can also work well as a girl's name.
  • Jussi This Hebrew name means “Gift from God.” The name is Finnish for Juho and Johannes/John.
  • Apakai — This Hawaiian name means “Gift of God.”
  • Devadatta This Indian name works for boys and girls. It means “Gift of God” or “king.”
  • Aala This Muslim name means “one who is a blessing of Allah.” Aala has a few spelling and pronunciation variations.
  • Hanzal — rare name means “Gift of God.” It is sometimes used in Muslim culture.
  • Ata Use this name for a boy or a girl. It means “one who has been bestowed by Allah.”
  • EllisThe shortened version of Elijah, the name Ellis has Hebrew origins and means “Lord is my God.”
  • Buffy The pet name for Elizabeth, the name Buffy means “Promise of God.” It's a cute, noticeable name for any little girl or boy.

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