Selecting the perfect baby name for their newborn is one of the first and most important decisions parents make. For religious families, they may wish to honor their god through this monumental selection — and recognize that the birth of their son is a tremendous gift. By giving your child a name from this list of boy names that mean gift from God, you can honor both. From Jonathan to Hanno to Matteo and beyond, each of the names is unique and intriguing. Take a look, and click through to learn more in-depth information about the names below.

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  • Amaris This Hebrew name for boys means “Promised by God.” The name is not likely to be one often heard.
  • Donatello This Spanish boy's name means “the given” or “god's gift.” It's more commonly used outside of the United States.
  • MatteoThis name means “gift of God.” It is fairly popular depending on the area of the world/country.
  • Thoa An Arabic name for boys meaning “Gift from God.” Boys given the name Thoa often appreciate the power and are courageous and ambitious.
  • Ian — The name Ian means “Gift of the Lord.” The mature name for boys is Irish in origin and is derived from the Hebrew name Yohanan, meaning “God is gracious”. It began as the Scottish Gaelic forename Iain and eventual became the Anglican name Ian. Click to read more about this beautiful name for baby boys!
  • Dorek This Polish name means “God's gift” or “ruler of the people.” Boys given the name Dorek receive an unusual yet practical name.
  • Attaullah An Arabic name meaning “Gift of Allah,” Attaullah is a good name for a Muslim boy.
  • Yadon Yadon is a boy's name that means “God's gift.” Boy's given this name are honest, trustworthy, and creative.
  • Bozidar Bozidar is an unusual, fun name of Czech origin. The name means “the gods have been gracious.”
  • Mikah Meaning “One who is like God,” the name Mikah has Hebrew origins.
  • HansMeaning “A gift sent from God,” the name Hans originates in Sweden where it is widely used as a name for boys.
  • JonathanThis Hebrew name once landed on the list of top baby names, though not as popular these days. The boy's name means “God's gift.”
  • TheoThe name Theo for boys means Gift of God.” It has Greek origins.
  • Donato This Italian name is stealthy and stern, a respectable name for a boy. It means “Gift From God.”
  • Hanno — A Hebrew name, Hanno means “God's gracious gift.”
  • Ukesh This name for boys means “God's gift.” Boy's named Ukesh often are trustworthy and kind-hearted.
  • IvanThis name means “gracious and born ruler.” The name has Russian origins.
  • Jeremiah — This popular boy's name rings as a boy and future man who is strong and brave. The Hebrew name for boys means “appointed by God.” In Hebrew, Jeremimiah translates to Yirmeyahu.
  • Jani A Christian name for boys, Jani means “A gift from God.”
  • NateA popular boy's name that means “One who is blessed by the Lord,” Nate has several variations including Nathanial and Nathan as well as a female version -Natania.
  • SeanA common boy's name meaning “God is gracious,” Sean works as both a first or middle name and comes from Hebrew origins.
  • MatthewThis popular Biblical name means “gift of the Lord.” It is a deviation of the Hebrew name Mattityahu.
  • Hibah Another Christian name that means “gift from God.” The name is less common than Jani.
  • Celdic This name is of Greek origin. It means “gift of splendor.”
  • Jeremy — This English boy's name first rose in popularity in the United States in the early 1940s, according to the Social Security Administration, and it enjoyed a spot in the top 100 names from 1970 to 2002! Jeremy means “the one who is appointed by God,” and it is the English form of the Biblical name Jeremiah. Click to find out more about this gentle name for little boys.

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