From Hannibal to Eastman to Shane and beyond, each of these boy names that mean grace are handsome and impactful. Explore the list, which include the meaning and origin of each name, and find the best name — or middle name — for your little boy.

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  • Ameen The Arabic name Ameen usually means grace and faithful. Ameen is a boy's name that can also mean divine grace and show that others can trust the boy.
  • Chares Chares is a unique name that means both kindness and grace. This name is an alternative to Charles and started as a Greek name.
  • Draven Graven can mean a graceful or gracious person as well as a boy who is merciful. Though Draven is an unusual name, it's popular in parts of India.
  • Eastman In the United States, Eastman means simply grace. Eastman was also part of the Kodak company and comes from an English word that means both gracious protector and lover of nature.
  • Esmond Parents looking for a traditional name that means grace might prefer Esmond. It is a modern version of the classic name Estmund.
  • Fazli Fazli is one of the more unique names that means grace. This name comes from an Islamic term for someone others praise and find gracious.
  • GiovanniThe name Giovanni means God or the Lord is gracious. Giovanni is a traditional name found in different parts of Italy.
  • Gracey A fun name for little boys is Gracey, which means simply grace or gracious. It is the male version of Grace and can also stand for the grace given by God.
  • Hannibal Hannibal comes from an Assyrian term that showed a son was a blessing or grace given by the god Baal. Many people now know the name of the character from The Silence of the Lambs.
  • Hulbert The name Hulbert means grace and can show a boy is friendly. Hulbert is a traditionally German name.
  • IanIan comes from the old Irish word Iain, which means God is gracious with His gifts. Ian Flemming helped the name become more popular after the success of his James Bond books.
  • IvanThough Ivan is a classic name, it has a simple meaning of God's grace. Ivan started in Russia but later spread to regions around the world where some use it as an alternative to John.
  • JackAnother name that comes from John is Jack, which means God is gracious. Though some use Jack as a nickname, it is also a popular full name in England and other countries.
  • Johannes Johannes is a classic name that stands for the grace of God. This name has roots in both German and Dutch cultures and is very popular in Scandanavia.
  • JuanOne of the more popular names in the world is Juan, which means God's grace. Juan is the Spanish version of John and is popular in countries where Spanish is their primary language.
  • Kalman Kalman means grace and shows that a child has a good and strong reputation. This name appeared in both old Hebrew and Arabic books.
  • Lavnish Lavnish means both grace and beauty but can also stand for elegance and beauty. This boy's name has Indian roots.
  • Milan The name Milan means gracious but can also stand for love and kindness. Many parents choose Milan to honor the Italian city of the same name.
  • Orlo Orlo is a unique name that means compassion along with grace. This name has Hebrew roots where the original term also stood for compassion.
  • Prasoon Prasoon is a beautiful name for boys that means someone is as pretty and graceful as a flower. It has roots in both Indian and Bengali cultures.
  • ShaneShane comes from an Irish term that stands for the grace of God. Though it has Irish roots, Shane is also popular in the American West where it became associated with cowboys.
  • Sulo Sulo is a simple name that means grace but can also mean charm. Some may associate the name with a Star Trek character with a similar name, but it is Finnish in nature.
  • Yann In French, Yann is a boy's name that shows God is gracious. This is a popular alternative to Jann, which is a unisex name in many cultures.
  • ZaneZane is a name from the 18th and 19th centuries that means the grace of God. Many people associate the name with writer Zane Grey and believe that it is an alternative to John.
  • Zayn Zayn comes from an Arabic word that means both grace and beauty. It became one of the top baby names in the world due to singer Zayn Malik.

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