Grace is a beautiful attribute and something from which all humans benefit. Lay the foundation for such a wonderful quality in your child by giving them one of these baby names that mean grace. Whether you're choosing it for a first or middle name, each of these options is beautiful and unique. Take a look!

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  • AltaAlta is a unisex name that stands for the grace of Mary, the Virgin Mother. It also shows the majestic nature she had.
  • Althaf Though similar in spelling to Alta, Althaf means grace and elegance. Althaf is a unisex name that shows a child has an optimistic outlook.
  • AnaAna is both a nickname and a full name that means grace. Also spelled as Anna, it comes from Spain where locals used it in place of the popular girl's name Hannah.
  • AnaisThough similar to Ana, Anais is a different name that also means grace. Anais is a Hebrew name and became popular when musician Noel Gallagher chose it for his daughter.
  • AnnetteAnnette comes from France and is a girl's name that means a graceful person or being. Many people know Annette as the name of a popular actress who started on The Mickey Mouse Club.
  • AnyaAnya means grace in Russian and is a version of the Hebrew name Hannah. Some people choose this name in honor of the main character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Creasy The name Creasy means grace and kindness. This modern name is unisex and has American roots and can also mean pleasant.
  • Elu Elu means grace but can also show that a child is graceful. While the name is very unique, it's suitable for boys and girls.
  • EvanEvan is a boy's name that means both gracious and a graceful warrior. It is the Welsh version of the name Ivan, which is popular in Russia.
  • Fadl Fadl means gracious and is a short and simple name. This boy's name has Arabic roots.
  • Gracian Though it means grace, this boy's name can also mean dear or a loved one. Gracian is an old Italian name.
  • Hansel – Though some people think of Hansel from the classic fairy tale, this is an older name that means God is gracious. No longer just for boys, Hansel can also serve as a girl's name.
  • Harris When used as a child's first name, Harris means grace. This is a Greek name that comes from a martyr in the Greek Orthodox Church, which some spell as Haris.
  • Jamila Jamila is a girl's name that means elegance and grace as well as beauty. While the name has Arabic roots, it also serves as a boy's name when spelled as Jamil.
  • Jean Those looking for a unisex name that means grace can go with Jean. When used as a name for a boy or a girl, Jean comes from an English word that shows the gracious nature of God.
  • Jessica – The name Jessica means a gracious gift granted by God. This name works with nicknames such as Jessie and Jess and is the name of several famous actresses.
  • Jodie Jodie is a Hebrew name that stands for the grade and dignity of God. Though once a girl's name, Jodie is now a unisex name spelled as Jodi and Jody.
  • Joost Meaning the grace of God, Joost is a unisex name. Joost also shows that God blesses the children given to a family.
  • Kian Kian is a boy's name that means grace given by the king or God. Some spell this name as Kiann.
  • Kiley Names that end in -ey such as Kiley are popular in the United States. Kiley stands for grace and is a unisex name.
  • Lucette The girl's name Lucette comes from a term that means a girl filled with natural light. It relates to the Italian name Lucetta and the nicknames Luci and Lucy.
  • MaiMai is an adorable girl's name that means someone who shows grace when she dances. This name has ancient Chinese roots.
  • Milko The boy's name Milko means graceful and pleasant or nice. Milko has roots in both Bulgaria and Poland.
  • NancyA popular older name for girls, Nancy means someone who is full of grace. Other spellings of the name include Nancie and Nanci.
  • ShaunaThe name Shauna means God's gift and can also stand for His gracious nature. Shauna came from Ireland where it began as a feminine alternative to Sean.

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