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Alta is a unique baby name with a Latin flair. Though once a top 200 baby name in the early twentieth century, Alta is now rank 8,832. It may become more popular again in the coming years due to the love of vintage names.

Meaning of the name Alta:

Latin: elevated
Spanish: high grace

Origin of the name Alta:

Alta originated from the Latin baby name Altus. Some believe that this Latin name is also what prompted the creation of the Spanish words, “alto” and “alta,” as well. Others believe, however, the Alta is a shortened form of the baby name Altagracia, which means “our lady of high grace.” Altagracia was the title for Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Spanish culture.

Symbolism of the name Alta:

Alta means “elevated” in Latin because of the original baby name, Altus. In Spanish cultures, the name could mean “high grace” because of the longer option, Altagracia.

Style of the name Alta:


Gender of the name Alta:

Alta is a vintage baby name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Alta:


Number of syllables in the name Alta:


Emotion evoked from the name Alta:

Alta is wholesome and old-fashioned. It is a strong and unique baby name option for girls.

Alternative spellings for the name Alta:

  • Allta
  • Altah
  • Alltah

Nicknames for the name Alta:

Popularity of the name Alta:

Alta was a top 200 baby name option until 1910 in America, remaining a top 300 name until 1928. The name did remain a top 500 option until 1945 at rank 496. 1956 was the last year that Alta was a top 1,000 name on the Social Security Popularity Index, coming in at number 935.

Related names for the name Alta:

Great middle names for Alta and their meanings:

  • Rosaria (our lady of the rosary)
  • Claudette (lame, enclosure)
  • Pearl (smooth, round bead)
  • Hillary (cheerful, merry)
  • Toni (beyond praise)
  • Vivienne (alive)
  • Julianna (youthful, downy-haired)
  • Diane (divine)

Famous people with the name Alta:

Altas in popular culture:

  • Alta Dena (name of a dairy company)