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Mae is a name with some major spring in its step! That's because the name Mae is derived from the Greek goddess of spring growth named Maia. The name is generally associated with the month of May today. It's also a great one-syllable name for a girl. Keep reading to learn why Mae is a name that never goes out of season.

Meaning and Origin of the name Mae:

Mae is a cute girl's name of Greek origin that means “goddess of spring and growth,” “pearl,” or “mother.”

Mae is an English name and is a variation of the name May. Mae and May are derived from the Greek goddess Maia, who is the goddess of nursing mothers. In Roman mythology, Maia is the goddess of springtime, warmth, and incense. It is popularly used as a symbol of spring and femininity today.

Symbolism of the name Mae:

Mae is a symbol of the life-giving power of nature.

Nicknames for the name Mae:

May is a very short name making it difficult to shorten it to create nicknames. The easiest nickname for Mae is Em. Not all nicknames need to be a shortened version of the name. You can create nicknames that are longer such as names like Mays or Mazie. We put together the list below to give you ideas for nicknames that you can use for Mae.

Style of the name Mae:


Gender of the name Mae:

Female. Mae is a name that comes from Maia. It is considered one of the most feminine names of all time simply because it speaks of the life-giving, feminine aspects of what we might call Mother Nature today.

Pronunciation of the name Mae:

Syllables in the name Mae:


Emotion evoked from the name Mae:

Mae is associated with freshness, femininity, and rebirth.

Alternative spellings for the name Mae:

Popularity of the name Mae:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Mae has consistently made the list of the top 1,000 baby names between 1900 and today. Mae peaked in popularity when it hit #53 in 1902.


Great middle names for Mae and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Mae:

  • MaeJemison (NASA astronaut and first black woman to travel into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor)
  • Mae Muller (English musician)
  • Mae Reeves (civil rights icon)
  • Mae Whitman (actress)
  • Mae West (classic film actress)

Maes in movies/pop culture:

  • Mae Borowski (character in the Night in the Woods game universe)
  • MaeMayfly (character in a picture book of the same title)
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