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Cam is usually a nickname for Cameron — or Camden, Camilo, Campbell, Campion, etc. — but it's becoming increasingly popular as a given name on its own. Just like Cameron, the name is common for both boys and girls, though you'll see it associated with baby boys more frequently. Cam has Scottish origins and a silly meaning, and it's a name you might associate with several professional athletes.

Cam is derived from Cameron, which is derived from the Scottish nickname “cam sròn.” It was given to people who had crooked noses. Choose Cam to honor your Scottish heritage or to honor your passion for famous athletes like Cam Newton or Cam Akers. Because of its meaning, Cam can also symbolize a crooked or unusual nose, or you may see it as a symbol of imperfection.

Baby name Cam


Nicknames for Cam

The baby name Cam evokes images of someone who is outgoing yet sensitive. Below, we've compiled a list of suggestions for nicknaming the Cam in your life. Feel free to choose one, or create your own, that speaks to their individuality and personality.

Cam Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Neutral

Pronunciation: KAM

Syllables: One

Cam Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, Cam has never been a top 1,000 baby name in the United States.

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Great Middle Names for Cam and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Cam

  • Cam Newton (football player)
  • Cam Reddish (basketball player)
  • Cam Woolley (traffic reporter and police officer)
  • Cam Akers (football player)
  • Cam Neely (hockey player and executive)
  • Cam Gigandet (actor)
  • Cam (character in the “Fallen” book series by Lauren Kate)
  • Cam Buckland (character from the “Dungeons and Dragons” franchise)
  • Cam Mitchell (character on the TV show “Mako Mermaids”)
  • Cam Fisher (character in “The Clique” book series by Lisi Harrison)
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