When you think of the baby name Samson, you may first think of the Biblical hero. You would be right in immediately bringing your mind to this character, however, as the Samson of the Old Testament was the first man with the name. Currently, Samson is still a top 600 option for boys.

Meaning of the name Samson:

Hebrew: sun

Origin of the name Samson:

Samson comes from the Hebrew baby name Shimshon, and it is a popular character name from the Old Testament. He was a hero who was known for the strength that he had. The name became popular among the early Christian church, spreading from the Normans after their invasion of England to the country.

Symbolism of the name Samson:

The original Hebrew spelling of Samson, Shimshon, comes from the word “shemesh.” This word means “sun.”

baby name Samson

Style of the name Samson:


Gender of the name Samson:

Samson is a strong and powerful baby name for your son.

Pronunciation of the name Samson:


Number of syllables in the name Samson:


Emotion evoked from the name Samson:

Samson is a baby name that represents the strength and power behind the origin story well. It is very manly and rugged.

Alternative spellings for the name Samson:

  • Samsen
  • Samsin
  • Samsyn
  • Samsynn
  • Samsonn

Nicknames for the name Samson:

Popularity of the name Samson:

The baby name Samson did not become popularly used in America until the late 1970s, specifically in the year 1977. Only in recent years did it find a place on the top 600 list, with the first instance in 2016 at rank 577. Currently, Samson is rank 571 as of 2020.

Related names for the name Samson:

Great middle names for Samson and their meanings:

  • Matthias (gift of God)
  • Levi (united, joined)
  • Everett (brave, strong boar)
  • Henry (house ruler)
  • Isaac (one who laughs)
  • Andrew (strong, manly)
  • Cornelius (horn)
  • Barnaby (son of consolation)

Famous people with the name Samson:

  • Samson (man from the book of Judges in the Old Testament)
  • Samson Francois (French composer)
  • Samson Satele (NFL player)
  • Samson Hirsch (famous rabbi)
  • Samson Mahbod (NHL player)

Samsons in popular culture:

  • Samson (name of hard rock band)
  • Samson Ryder (character from “Black Beauty”)
  • Samson (character from “Captain Mack”)
  • Samson (character from “Savvy” and “Scumble”)