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Killian may be a fairly new baby name for parents in the United States, but it has deep roots in Europe, thanks to a 7th-century saint. An anglicized version of the name “Cillian,” it has grown in popularity in recent years and we expect it to continue to do so. It pairs well with many middle names, both classic and modern, and there are several ways to spell it without losing the integrity of the name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Killian:

Killian is the modernized English version of the classic Irish name Cillian. Cillian comes from the Gaelic word cill (meaning “church”) and the suffix -in (which is used to indicate a “pet” and may mean “little”). Cillian may be a diminutive of Irish name Ceallach, which means “war” or “bright-headed”.

Symbolism of the Name Killian:

If you break down the name's Gaelic roots, it literally means “little church.” Combined with the popularity of Saint Killian, the name is often equated with religious symbolism.

Nicknames for the Name Killian:

Killian is a strong and powerful boy's name. If you are looking for nicknames for the name Killian, then check out the list below. We gathered the nicknames for Killian to help you find the perfect one for your baby boy. Killian is a name with only a few options for nicknames, but you're sure to find one you like from this list.

Style of the Name Killian:

Modern in the United States with traditional European roots

Gender of the Name Killian:

Killian is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the Name Killian:


Number of Syllables in the Name Killian:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Killian:

As a baby name, Killian evokes the image of someone who is happy and kind.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Killian:

Popularity of the Name Killian:

Killian first made the list of top baby names in the United States in 1995. While it fell out of favor for a while, it's back and ranked at number 364 in 2022, according to the Social Security Administration.

Great Middle Names for Killian and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Killian:

  • Captain “Hook” Jones (character on the TV show “Once Upon a Time”)
  • Killian Gottesheim (character in the book “Prince Otto”)
  • Killian Gardiner (character on the TV show “Witches of East End”)
  • Killian MacEwan (character in the book series “Sweep”)
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