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Florida’s Top Baby Boy Names Revealed In 2022

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Florida’s Top Baby Boy Names Revealed In 2022

Florida's nice weather and tropical location render the state a popular place for people to live, and historically, it has attracted people from different cultures and ethnic groups to move to and raise families there. Sometimes the multi-cultural population plays a role in Florida'd top baby boy names, and sometimes, more traditional names rise to the top. Here, let's take a look at the top names from last year to see what names took the top 10 and then explore the top 50 baby boy names for Floridians in 2021.

Florida's Top 10 Baby Boy Names For 2022

1. Liam

This title possesses Irish heritage. In English, Liam exemplifies powerful, skilled, and spirited soldiers. In addition, the moniker is a variation of the Irish denomination Uilliam. One of its more famous namesakes is Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson.

In 2020, Liam was also ranked the top name given to boys in Florida. Records compiled in 2011 reveal that the honorific ranked 18th in such polls. That said, Liam was not found in the state's listing of top 100 boy names in 1971. Liam was also discovered to be the most popular boy name in the United States in 2021.

baby name Liam

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2. Noah

Noah is a biblical title that first gained notoriety in the Old Testament. The name is derived from the Hebrew label Noach, which means rest.

The offering also held the second slot in 2020. The name was still commonly bestowed in 2011 as well. During that year, it was Florida's fifth most popular boy's name. In 1971, however, it failed to crack the top 100. In 2021, it registered as the nation's second most common male title.

Baby name Noah

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3. Lucas

This label holds Latin roots. When interpreted from the ancient tongue, the name honors those who bring light. Certain language historians argue that the title also derives from the Greek designation Loukas.

Lucas also clocked in as Florida's third most favored boy name in 2020. The name has seen a resurgence in recent years. It only ranked 20th in the 2011 listing and could not be found in 1971's record of top 100 names. On a national level, was 2021's eighth most commonly awarded male title.

4. Elijah

This name celebrates the exploits of a revered biblical figure known to have performed countless miracles in God's name. Its language origins are Hebrew and translates into the phrase Jehovah is my God.

In 2020, Elijah similarly held the distinction of being the fourth most common designation handed down to boys by Florida's Moms and Dads. Records gathered in 2011 reveal that the name was a still respectable eighth. Elijah was not listed in 1971's top 100 rankings. On a national scale, Elijah was the fourth most favored name in 2021.

5. Oliver

Oliver is a moniker bearing Latin, French, and Norwegian ancestry. The French and Latin tongues use the label to personify the beauty, benefit, and fruitfulness typically provided by the olive tree. In Old Norse, Oliver means descendants.

The denomination also held Florida's fifth slot in 2020. However, the title could not be found in state records of top 100 names given to boys in either 2011 or 1971. Nationally, however, Oliver was 2021's fourth most liked honorific.

Baby name Oliver


6. Benjamin

This designation was a notable Old testament figure. In Hebrew, Benjamin means youngest son.

The name similarly held Florida's sixth spot in 2020. Benjamin has maintained a somewhat consistent level of commonality. In 2011, it registered 31st in state rankings. During 1971, it stood at an honorable 68th. National 2021 rankings show the label held the seventh overall position.


7. Ethan

The moniker Ethan owes its existence to the Hebrew language. In said tongue, it represents safety, strength, and willpower. One of its most noted bearers is American patriot Ethan Allen.

In 2020, Ethan was also the seventh most liked name given out by Floriedda parents. The title held strong at number 12 in 2011's listings. However, it neither crack 1971's rankings of top 100 names nor the nation's top 10 in 2021.

8. Alexander

Alexander is the Latin variant of the Greek honorific Alexandros. The label exemplifies those who protect and defend their fellow man. A celebrated holder is the great Greek conqueror Alexander The Great.

This title has enjoyed a fairly consistent level of adoration. In 2020, it was Florida's 11th most admired boy's name. The 2011 records reveal that the name stood at number nine. In 1971, it still cracked the top 100 with the 91st ranking. That said, Alexander could not find its way into 2021's list of top 10 American boy names.

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9. Daniel

The roots of the name Daniel come from the Hebrew words din, which means to judge, and el, meaning God.

Daniel's popularity has been unwavering among Florida mothers and fathers for five decades running. In 2020, the label was the state's 10th most favored title. The 2011 records show that the designation clocked in at number 3. Fifty years ago in 1971, Daniel was the Sunshine State's 23rd most liked honorific. Surprisingly, however, it did not crack the nation's top 100 for 2021.

10. James

James is the anglicized version of the Hebrew offering Jacob. In English, James translates into the expression may God protect.

Like Daniel, James has been a title Florida parents have long shared an affinity for. During the previous year's rankings, it registered as the state's 14th most admired moniker. In 2011, it stood in 23rd place. Back in 1971, James held the second overall position. In 2021, it was the fifth most commonly bestowed name on a national level.

Baby name James

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Florida Top 50 Boy Names For 2021

  1. Liam 
  2. Noah 
  3. Lucas 
  4. Elijah 
  5. Oliver 
  6. Benjamin 
  7. Ethan 
  8. Alexander 
  9. Daniel 
  10. James 
  11. Dylan 
  12. Michael 
  13. Matthew 
  14. Sebastian 
  15. Gabriel 
  16. Jacob 
  17. William 
  18. Logan 
  19. Jayden 
  20. Levi 
  21. Mason 
  22. Mateo
  23. Aiden 
  24. David 
  25. Luca 
  26. Samuel 
  27. Asher 
  28. Jackson 
  29. Anthony 
  30. Josiah 
  31. Julian 
  32. Joseph 
  33. Luke
  34. John 
  35. Nathan 
  36. Christopher 
  37. Adrian 
  38. Isaiah 
  39. Kai 
  40. Thiago
  41. Maverick 
  42. Grayson 
  43. Henry 
  44. Jack 
  45. Theodore 
  46. Caleb
  47. Joshua 
  48. Isaac 
  49. Carter 
  50. Ezra 

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