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Josiah is an old fashioned sounding Biblical name that has grown rapidly in popularity since 2008. Josiah is a fresh sounding alternative to previously more common names Joseph and Joshua and as of 2020 Josiah is sitting at #50.

Meaning of the name Josiah:

Hebrew: God heals, supports

Origin of the name Josiah:

Josiah is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “God heals” or “God supports”. The name is derived from the ancient Hebrew name Yoshi-yahu.

Symbolism of the name Josiah:

Josiah is a name that means healing and so evokes symbols such as healing waters, sunlight, and the rich greenery of nature.

Style of the name Josiah:


Gender of the name Josiah:

Josiah is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Josiah:

jo-SIE-ə (English)

Number of syllables in the name Josiah:


Emotion evoked from the name Josiah:

Josiah evokes feelings of hard work and earnestness.

Alternative spellings for the name Josiah:

Joziah, Jozia, Josae

Nicknames for the name Josiah:

Popularity of the name Josiah:

According to the Social Security Administration, Josiah is a baby name that had limited popularity early in the 20th century but came into more common use in the mid 1970’s. It wasn’t until 2008 that the name became popular enough to enter the top 100 baby names where it remains through 2020.

Related names for the name Josiah:

Great middle names for the name Josiah and their meanings:

  • Nathaniel (gift of God)
  • Benjamin (son of the right hand)
  • Theodore (gift of God)
  • Leonard (brave lion)
  • Ernest (serious, resolute)
  • Irving (green river, sea friend)
  • Sinclair (from St. Clair)

Famous people with the name Josiah:

  • Josiah Bartlett (American signer of the Declaration of Independence)
  • Josiah Henry (American actor)
  • Josiah Wedgwood (English businessman)
  • Josiah Willard Gibbs (American physicist)
  • Josiah Royce (American philosopher)

Josiahs in popular culture:

  • Josiah Bartlett (television, “The West Wing”)
  • Josiah Bounderby (literature, “Hard Times”by Charles Dickens)
  • Josiah Gordon ‘Doc' Scurlock (film, “Young Guns”)
  • Josiah Power (DC Comics)
  • Josiah X (Marvel Comics
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