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Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

The name Jacob maintained its spot as the top boy name in 2008, a position that it’d kept for nine years. Jacob took over the top baby name in 1998, replacing the name Michael.

Emma held the spot for number one 2008 girl names chosen by parents. The name was especially popular in states such as Alabama, South Dakota, Virginia, North Carolina, Alaska, and Oklahoma.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

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Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, and Oregon are a few of the states where the name Ethan is the most popular name chosen for boys born this year, although it ranks third on the 2008 names list amongst all states. Ethan means ‘firmness, long-lived.’

Not only was Olivia a popular name for girls born in 2008 in the US, but it was also popular in other countries as well. In fact, in England, this name was the number one most popular baby name for girls in 2008.

Isabella is an alternative spelling for Elizabeth and Isabel. Not only was the name of a popular choice for girls born in 2008, but it’s also a fairly common last name in the United States.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

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Madison ranked as the #2 most popular name for girls in 2002. While the name position has declined to the #6 spot in 2008, the trendy, fun name is still popular with parents across the country.

265 boys born in 2008 were named Matthew, a Biblical name that means ‘Child of God.’ The name is especially popular amongst Christian families and is oftentimes used as a middle name.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

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Alexander was a slightly more popular name than Matthew for the 2008 baby names list, with a total of 353 boys receiving this name. Alexander was a popular boy's name in 2008, but it's also a popular middle and last name.

Chloe is considered to be one of the most classic names for girls; it was one of the top 10 most popular names from 2008. Since 1880, more than 160,000 girls have been named Chloe, although there are no records of any boys receiving this name.

Remember This When Picking a Baby Name

Picking a baby name is both exciting and stressful! You want to pick the best name possible for your child, since they'll have to live with it. It's important to take your time when trying to pick out a name. Give yourself ample time to settle on the right choice.

One thing to remember when picking a name for your baby is to find a balance between unique and not too out-there. It's okay to want to name your child something unique, but it's important to not go overboard. If your child has a particularly unusual name, it will invite teasing from peers. It would be great if everyone could respect one another's name, but unfortunately that's not the reality we live in. Your child doesn't need to stand out from the crowd so much that it attracts negative attention.

When it comes to the spelling of your child's name, don't make it too complicated. If you make your child's name hard to spell, they could struggle academically. This may sound odd, but teachers will begin to penalize your child if they can't spell their own name once they reach a certain age. If your child has a name that's hard to spell, they could fall behind their peers. Plus, odd spellings can invite odd pronunciations. Change one or two letters if you want; just don't go overboard.

Be sure to check out our other name lists for the perfect name for your baby! We've got so many names on our site it would take you days to consider them all! You're sure to find one you love. Good luck!

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