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Alex is one of the names that is used the most often as a unisex name. Though it often is a baby name that is a shortening of a name such as Alexander or Alexandra, there are parents who choose to just use the name Alex by itself. Through its Greek origins, the name Alex continues to be a popular option for any baby. Here are some more interesting facts about the baby name Alex.

Meaning of the name Alex:

Greek: defending men
English: defender of the people, man's defender, warrior, protector of mankin

Origin of the name Alex:

The name Alex did originally begin solely as the shortened form of the name Alexander. Alexander was created from the Greek name Alexandros which is derived from the Greek words for defend and man. The most popular individual who held the name Alexander, which later encouraged the name Alex, was Alexander the Great who was a king in fourth-century Greece.

Symbolism of the name Alex:

Alexander the Great was a man that many parents wanted their sons to be as strong-willed as. The popularity of the name spread throughout Europe though, and eventually to America, as there were many leaders in the Christian church who were named Alexander or Alex themselves. As the popularity of the strength behind the name grew, some parents began to call their daughters the name Alex or Alexandra as well.


Style of the baby name Alex:

The style of the baby name Alex is a bit new-age, though it is based on the classic name Alexander.

Gender of Alex:

The gender of the baby name Alex is truly unisex, used for both male and female babies.

Pronunciation of Alex:


Number of syllables in Alex:


Emotion evoked from the name Alex:

Emotions evoked from the name Alex include a feeling of youth, a certain strength, and even a certain degree of simplicity and humility.

Alternative spellings of Alex:

Alecks, Aleks, Alexx, Allecks, Alix, Alyx

Nicknames for the name Alex:

Al, Axx, Lex, Lexi, Alexey, Ally, Lexie Lou, Alz

Popularity of the name Alex:

For the year 2020, starting from the year 2013, the name is in the top 200 rather than the top 100. Its ranking is currently number 182. From the years 1984 to 2012, the name Alex was on the top 100 list, with the lowest being number 47 in 1995.

Related names to Alex:

Great middle names for Alex and their meanings:

  • Bryce (son of a nobleman)
  • Drake (dragon)
  • Eli (high)
  • Finn (blond, small blond soldier, fair)
  • Harrison (son of Harry)
  • Noah (rest, peace)
  • Ava (like a bird)
  • Bella (beautiful, God is my oath)

Famous people with the name Alex:

  • Alex Guarnaschelli (female chef, judge on “Chopped,” Food Network star)
  • Alex Rodriguez (pro baseball player)
  • Alex Trebek (host of “Jeopardy”)
  • Alex Pettyfer (British actor, model)
  • Alex Turner (singer for Arctic Monkeys)

The name Alex in movies/pop culture:

  • Alex Rider (protagonist in Alex Rider book series)
  • Alex Armstrong (character in Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Alex Santiago (character on Pretty Little Liars)
  • Alex Krycheck (character on “The X Files”)
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