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Nevada’s Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

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Nevada’s Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

If you’re looking for Nevada’s top baby names for 2023, you’re in the right place. The State of Nevada encompasses 126 cities, and a large population. This population is only growing with the addition of new babies each year (via World Population Review). For 2023, the most popular baby names included the likes of Charlotte, Luna, and Olivia. For male children, the popular ones were Liam, Noah, Alexander, and Levi (via Names.org). Each of these names was among Nevada’s top baby names for 2023, and each of them is unique in its origin and meaning.

Read on to learn more about each of Nevada’s top baby names for 2023. We’ll get into their meaning, history, and cultural roots. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of names have remained popular, and if you’re interested in using these names in your own family. It’s so important to understand a name before you go forward with naming. Be sure the meaning, the history, and the origin connect to what you want the name to represent for your child. And, if you’re just here to learn about the state’s top baby names for 2023, you’re still in the right place. Let’s get into Nevada’s top baby names, and learn more about each one.

1. Charlotte

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Starting strong, we have the name “Charlotte.” This was one of Nevada's top baby names for 2023, specifically for girls. It is the feminine version of “Charles,” “Charlot,” and “Carl.” It has roots in Old English, and the Germanic word “Karl.” In Old English, the word “Ceorl” was used to describe a person who was free from slavery and not considered a nobleman. In a sense, it translates to “free person,” which is a nice sentiment to consider in a name. Traditional examples of the name “Charlotte” can be seen throughout history with Queens, and prominent royal figures like the German Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (via Very Well Family).

2. Luna

Toy blocks spelling out the name "LUNA"


Next up we have “Luna.” You may have heard this word before, because it translates to “moon,” in Latin, Spanish, and Italian. In Roman/Greek Mythology, the moon is depicted as a goddess. Known as “Diana,” in Roman stories, and “Selena,” in the Greek iterations, this feature of the heavens rode a white, horse-drawn chariot, driving the moon across the sky, and shooting arrow-stars into the night.

3. Liam

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“Liam,” can be a nickname for the classic name “William.” The Irish roots of “Liam,” translate to “warrior,” and “protector.” These definitions are likely drawn from the word “helm,” in the Germanic spelling of the name. “Wilhelm,” or the Irish spelling “Uilliam.” Feminine versions of this name include “Wilhelmina.”

4. Noah

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Noah” comes from the Hebrew word “Noach,” which translates to “rest.” Biblically, Noah appears in the Old Testament's “Book Of Genesis.” This story follows the building of Noah's Ark, a story that represents perseverance and loyalty. While among Nevada's top baby names for 2023, “Noah” is also popular in areas of the world like the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and parts of the Middle East.

5. Olivia/Oliver

Toy blocks spelling out the name "OLIVER"


“Olivia” was up there in terms of Nevada's top baby names of 2023, but so was its male counterpart “Oliver.” Both names come from Norse, French, and Latin languages. In the Norse language “Áleifr,” it means a descendant of ancestors, and in French “Olivier” translates to the olive tree. The olive tree can represent peace, harmony, dignity, beauty, and fertility. The anglicized version of “Olivier,” appears as “Oliver” and “Olivia.” Both names are popular in pop culture. Think Oliver Twist, or Olivia from Shakespeare.

6. Mateo

Most Popular Baby Names - Mateo

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“Mateo,” comes from the name “Matthew,” and its alternate form “Mattiyahu.” The Latin, Italian, Hebrew, and Spanish roots translate to “gift of God” (via Family Education). In Biblical terms, the name comes from the New Testament, with Mateo as one of Jesus's twelve disciples.

7. Sebastian

Sebastian written in a speechbubble

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The name “Sebastian” comes from Greek and Latin, from words like “Sebastinanus” and Saint Sebastian of the Roman Empire. Saint Sebastian was the patron saint of archers and athletes. The name itself translates to “venerable,” or “revered.”

8. Alexander

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Alexander” comes from the Greek name “Alexandros.” In Greek “alexo,” means “defend,” and “aner” translates to “man.” As a whole, the name can be translated as “defender of men.” Alexander the Great was a ruler of Macedonia and considered a powerful military icon, and is a common name in the New Testament of the Bible. Consider the nicknames Alex or Xander as well when giving this name to a baby.

9. Levi

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Another of Nevada's top baby names of 2023 was “Levi.” Another Biblical name, “Levi” was the son of Jacob in the Old Testament, and the “Levites” were a tribe of the Israelites. Its Hebrew ties might've come from the name “Yewi,” or “Lawa.” Translations include “united,” “founded,” and “joined in harmony.” This may be popular as a baby name not only for its easy spelling, but lovely meaning!

10. Camila

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And lastly, for this list anyway, another popular girl's name in Nevada during 2023 was “Camila.” You may have seen this name spelled with two l's, instead of one. This shortened variation is of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese descent. It has roots in the word “Camillus,” which meant a religious acolyte, or helper of the priesthood from the ancient Romans. Shortened versions of this name may include “Mila,” “Cam,” or “Millie.”

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