The Most Expensive Schools In North Dakota Today

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The Most Expensive Schools In North Dakota Today

Are you ready to explore the most expensive schools in North Dakota? It may be a common assumption that North Dakota brings little to the table. However, that couldn't be further from the truth! 

North Dakota has exciting attractions and unique culture. For example, one of the most significant Scandinavian Events is here in North Dakota. When you attend the Norsk Hostfest, you will be fully absorbed in the culture of the early immigrants. 

North Dakota is also known for being the largest producer of honey, being a producer of oil, and having a wide range of minerals mined in this state. With all the interesting facts that come with this state, education excellence is not far behind. 

North Dakota is ranked 28 in education and 16 in higher education. Additionally, North Dakota has various schooling options, including private schools and excellent colleges. 

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Many may assume that North Dakota doesn't bring much to the table, yet that couldn't be further from the truth!

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Why Some Choose Private Schools

Most families share one thing: they want their children to receive the best education possible. However, while excellent public school opportunities exist, not every family chooses this path. Some families opt for the private school route. Regardless, with this choice, the price tag typically will scale up. You may wonder why one would send their child to a private school. While every family's answer will be different, here are among the most popular reasons:

  • A more tailored curriculum that can be adapted to each learning style
  • Smaller class sizes permit teachers to provide students with more individual attention
  • A variety of opportunities and extras
  • An educational view that is the same as the family carries
  • Smaller schools often feel safer for families

These are only a few reasons why some families choose private schools. Now, let's look at the most expensive schools in North Dakota today. 

Name of the SchoolTuition of the School
The Innovation School$9,000
Holy Family St. Mary's School$2,900
St. Michael's School$2,650
St. John's Academy$2,100
Dakota Adventist Academy$10,500
St. Joseph Catholic Montessori School$4,800
Johnson Corners Christian Academy$3,400
University of Jamestown$24,200
University of Mary$21,062
North Dakota State University$10,992

The Most Expensive Elementary and Middle Schools

Below are the most expensive elementary and middle schools in North Dakota Today. 

The Innovation School

1617 Michigan Avenue Bismarck, ND 58504

Tuition: $9,000

Grades: Prekindergarten through eighth

The Innovation School is in Bismarck, ND, and is a private school that is tuition based. Additionally, the main focus of this school is to encourage creativity and autonomy in each child. 

Not only does The Innovation School focus on creativity, but it also believes that respecting each child and the growth and education of the whole child is very important. 

Education is not a linear journey. Each child will develop and understand at their own pace. Furthermore, the Innovation School acknowledges this fact, and instead of keeping each child at the same level, they focus on supporting children to work toward their own resilience and enthusiasm.

Moreover, there are 46 students enrolled here, allowing for small class sizes and individual learning experiences. 

Also, hands-on learning and in-depth project-based experiences are essential here as well. Children learn by seeing, doing, and hearing. Additionally, project-based learning incorporates these areas for a learning journey tailored to each child.

Holy Family St. Marys School

1001 17th Ave S Grand Forks, ND 58201

Tuition: $2,900

Grades: Prekindergarten through fifth

Holy Family St. Marys School is a private Catholic school that values moral principles and encourages self-confidence in each child. 

Furthermore, the class sizes are smaller than the national average, allowing teachers to have practical goals for each student. 

This school also offers payment plans, making paying for the school realistic for many families. In addition, Holy Family St. Marys School believes educating the whole child is very important. This includes their mind and spirit. Therefore, with a tailored education experience, students thrive and grow while attending this school. 

St. Micheal's School

504 5th Ave N Grand Forks, ND 58203

Tuition: $2,650

Grades: Prekindergarten through fifth

St. Michael's School is in Grand Forks, ND. It has an average class size of 18 to one with around 185 students in enrollment. 

St. Michael's School was opened in 1916 and had the goal of helping students excel in their academia. To this day, this school continues to meet its goals with each new year.

St. John's Academy 

215 5th St Se Jamestown, ND 58401

Tuition: $2,100

Grades: Prekindergarten through sixth grade

St. John's Academy was founded in 1890. It boasts of being inclusive to those of all backgrounds and religions while having a 99 percent acceptance rate. 

Also, there are around 225 students in enrollment at this school, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 15 to one. 

While here, students can participate in the following:

  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook

In addition, the school is a beautiful building with twin towers that are 125 feet high, gorgeous arches, stained glass windows, and pillars. 

Students who attend a small elementary school may have the ability to go with a self-paced learning style. Furthermore, it can be easier for students to explore passions, and interests, and make lasting friendships.


Most Expensive High Schools In North Dakota

Below are the most expensive high schools in North Dakota today. 

Dakota Adventist Academy

15905 Sheyenne Cir Bismarck, ND 58503

Tuition: $10,500

Grades: Ninth through twelve

Dakota Adventist Academy is a boarding school for ninth- twelve grade students. 

This school boasts of being inclusive and valuing diversity. Friendship is an area of value as well in this school. Also, Dakota Adventist Academy has 850 acres to explore and grow while in attendance. 

The school was opened in 1977 and currently has 39 students in enrollment. However, there are ten teachers on staff. This brings the student-to-teacher ratio to four to one, making the class sizes small and intimate. The small class sizes also allow students to explore a more in-depth education journey.

While here, students can participate in a variety of extracurriculars and sports. These include:

  • Intramural Basketball
  • Art Program
  • Band 
  • Choir
  • Handbells
  • Drama Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton 
  • Equestrian
  • Flag Football
  • Gymnastics

These are just a few areas where students can explore their passions. 

St. Joseph Catholic Montessori School

410 Collins Ave Mandan, ND 58554

Tuition: $4,800

Grades: Prekindergarten through twelve

St. Joseph Catholic Montessori School was opened in 1913. The purpose of the school was to give students a parochial school in Mandan. Upon opening, well over 200 students were coming to school. While the school has a deep history of offering education to students, it did not officially change course until 2020. 

Additionally, in 2020 this school switched from offering students a traditional educational model to focusing on Montessori instruction. 

A Montessori education is when educating the whole child is a priority. Also, children go at their own pace, and the education is child-led, with teachers acting more as facilitators than traditional teachers. 

There are five sports offered at this school. Those sports are:

  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Track and Field
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer

At St. Joseph's Catholic Montessori School, education is for the whole child, incorporating real-life experiences, multi-age learning, and a sense of exploration for all students. 

Johnson Corners Christian Academy

11008 Highway 23 Watford City, ND 58854

Tuition: $3,400

Grades: Kindergarten through eleventh

Johnson Corners Christian Academy was founded in 1982 as a Christian school. The school has 63 students in enrollment now and an average class size of six students. 

Additionally, the mission statement at this school is to provide students with a well-rounded education grounded in the Christian faith. 

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High School is a great opportunity for students to figure out what excites them, what their passions are, and more.

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Most Expensive Colleges In North Dakota

Often, the most expensive schools are colleges. Here are the most expensive colleges in North Dakota today

University of Jamestown

608 6th St. NE Jamestown, ND

Tuition: $24,200

The University of Jamestown ranks number four in Best Value Colleges in North Dakota. It is a small Christian campus that has under 1,000 undergraduates in enrollment. Furthermore, the acceptance rate at the college is 76 percent, and the graduation rate is 56 percent. 

The most popular major at the University of Jamestown is Business, followed by nursing. Also, the main goal of this college is to become the “best career-oriented liberal arts university in the Midwest.” 

The University of Jamestown goes beyond academia. The school also thrives on encouraging students toward their goals and developing a character of kindness for those around them. 

University of Mary 

7500 University Dr. Bismarck, ND 58504

Tuition: $21,062

The University of Mary is a private Catholic campus that ranks as number seven for best online colleges in America. 

Additionally, this University has an acceptance rate of 79 percent. The most popular major is nursing, with the business following closely behind. 

The Sister of Annunciation Monastery founded the Unversity of Mary in 1959.

Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore passions and fun activities while attending this college. Some of these include:

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer 
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor Track and Field
  • Outdoor Track and Field
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball
  • Theater
  • Student Government
  •  Engineering Club
  • Musical Theater Troupe
  • Occupational Therapy Club
  • Pre-dental Club

These are just a few opportunities students can gain while attending this college. 

North Dakota State University

1301 Administration Ave. Fargo, ND 58108

Tuition: $10,992

North Dakota State University ranks number one in value colleges in North Dakota. Furthermore, it is a four-year public college. The student body is large, with almost 12,000 students. However, the class sizes are still reasonably small, with around a sixteen-to-one teacher-to-student ratio. 

At North Dakota State University, hands-on learning is paramount. This school believes that having in-depth experiences will prepare students for the future after college. This college has a 95 percent acceptance rate, making it not very competitive. Also, the most popular major here is nursing, followed by mechanical engineering. 

North Dakota State University is a research institution with an expansive range of activities pupils can partake in, including sports, clubs, and performing arts. 

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College can help students excel in the goals they set for themselves. Moreover, there are many types of colleges that can fit the individual needs of each student.

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In Conclusion

Education is an area that most families are willing to invest in for their children. These expensive schools in North Dakota bring rich history, various opportunities, and often smaller class sizes to the table. Furthermore, this can mean individual and self-paced education is a priority at these schools. These beautiful characteristics and more make it worth looking into each of these schools!

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