The Most Expensive Schools In Columbus Today

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The Most Expensive Schools In Columbus Today

Columbus sits on the Scioto River, is the capital of Ohio, and has a large population of around 906,528. This large city does many things well, including education. With a vast population, there are many options for quality education, including the most expensive schools in Columbus. 

When searching for the best educational options for your child, it may feel daunting. There are so many choices that could potentially be the right one. Do you send your child to public school or homeschool them? How about a Montessori school or a private school? Private schools are among some of the top educational choices, although their price tags may seem too much. 

However, when you consider the value that each of these expensive schools in Columbus brings your child, you may start to think that maybe the price is actually worth it. 

Whether you are looking for a school for your child or a college for yourself, the ones on this list are worth looking into. Each one of these schools boasts quality education with unique educational philosophies. The focus is on individual students and giving them space to grow and learn while becoming the very best versions of themselves. 

Downtown Columbus, Ohio on a beautiful summer day. Columbus is the capital of Ohio and largest city of Franklin County.
Columbus, OH, is a large city with many great qualities. Some of these qualities include excellent educational options.


Most Expensive Schools in Columbus

In this article, we will explore the most expensive schools in Columbus; these include elementary and high schools and colleges. We will highlight what makes them unique and why the price may be worth it. We will also discuss whether or not financial aid is an option at each of these schools. Let's take a look below. 

Name of SchoolTuition of School
Columbus Academy$30,000
The Wellington School$28,000
Columbus School for Girls$31,900
Capital University$40,350
Ohio Dominican University$33,350
Columbus College of Art and Design$38,150

Columbus Academy 

4300 Cherry Bottom Road, Gahanna, OH 43230

Tuition: $30,000

Columbus Academy offers grades from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade and is a private school. It currently has around 1,085 students in attendance. Columbus Academy boasts a graduation rate of 100%, and because it is a college preparatory school, all those who graduate attend four-year colleges. Additionally, there is a small student-to-teacher ratio of eight to one. The acceptance rate at this school is 57 percent, making it reasonably competitive. 

Columbus Academy was first founded in 1911. When attending here, students can take several AP courses, including Modern European History, World History, Calculus 2, Chinese, and English Composition. Sports are also offered, including football, volleyball, track and field, and baseball. 

With the high tuition, you may wonder, does Columbus Academy offer financial aid? The answer is yes; financial aid is awarded, with the average aid grant being $14,000. Columbus Academy also has an endowment size of 35 million dollars. 

The Wellington School

3540 Reed Rd, Columbus, OH 43220

Tuition: $28,000

The Wellington School is number two in Columbus's best private high schools. The history of this school dates back to 1982, and it focuses on delivering quality education that is both engaging and challenging. 

The Wellington School has an average graduation rate of 100 percent and a student body of around 712 students. Additionally, the student-to-teacher ratio is relatively small, around seven to one. Students can take various AP courses, including Biology, French literature, Studio Art, and United States History. Sports are also offered and include golf, diving, tennis, and cheering.

Hands-on education that engages students to be in charge of their education is at the forefront of this school's educational philosophy.  

Although the yearly tuition is in the higher range for Wellington School, some financial options are available. Families can pay all the tuition upfront and receive a price reduction. Alternatively, payment plan options can be done in a few different ways, including splitting into two or six payments or monthly payments. Wellington School also offers tuition assistance

Columbus School for Girls

65 S. Drexel Avenue Columbus, OH 43209

Tuition: $31,900

Columbus School For Girls educates girls in pre-kindergarten up to 12th grade. Leadership, empowerment, and a hands-on, engaging curriculum are at the forefront of this school's mindset. 

Columbus School For Girls boasts a graduation rate of 100 percent, and it has around 540 students in enrollment. This school was founded in 1898 and is one of the top-ranked private schools in Columbus. Additionally, the student-to-teacher ratio is seven to one, with an average class size of 13 students. 

AP courses offered include AP Government and Politics, Honors Physics, Honors Biology, and Advance Reading in Latin Literature, among many others. There are also sports and extracurriculars offered that include: 

  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Piano
  • Swimming
  • School Newspaper and Yearbook
  • Band and Choir
  • Fine Arts and Photography
  • Lacrosse

These are just a few extras offered at Columbus School For Girls. This school aims to help every girl who walks through the school discover their individuality and meet their highest potential. 

Columbus School For Girls offers financial aid, with an average financial aid grant of around $11,740.

Academic Concept. Smiling junior asian school girl sitting at desk in classroom, writing in notebook, posing and looking at camera. Group of diverse classmates studying in the background
Private elementary schools tend to be among the most expensive for this age range. Although the price tag may make your head spin, many of these schools offer excellent educational options and have the statistics to show it.


Most Expensive Colleges in Columbus

Among some of the most expensive schools in Columbus are the colleges. Below, we discuss some of the most expensive higher education schools and what makes them unique. 

Capital University

1 College and Main Columbus, OH 43209 

Tuition: $40,350

Capital University is a private liberal arts college. It was first founded in 1830. This college aims to help students become the best version of themselves while remaining innovative and committed. 

Capital University has an acceptance rate of 74 percent. Additionally, the faculty-to-student ratio is eight to one, making it small and engaging for students. 

The most popular major at this college is nursing, followed by business. Additionally, Capital University does offer financial aid with several plans available

Ohio Dominican University

1216 Sunbury Road Columbus, OH 43219

Tuition: $33,350

Ohio Dominican University was founded in 1911 and is a Catholic college. It has an acceptance rate of 54 percent, making it somewhat competitive. Student to faculty ratio is nine to one. The most popular major at Ohio Dominican University is Business, followed closely by Biology. 

Ohio Domincan Univeristy focuses on the pillars of the Domincan faith: prayer, study, community, and service. Additionally, this school's philosophy is to help students grow in every way possible, including spiritually and professionally. 

Ohio Dominican University does offer financial aid, with over $32 million in funds awarded to students with various degrees.

Columbus College of Art and Design

60 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, OH 43215

Tuition: $38,150

Columbus College of Art and Design has been in operation for 141 years. Creativity and innovation are at the front of this school's educational philosophy. Students are encouraged to explore their talents and dreams to become the best creators they can be. 

Columbus College of Art and Design has an acceptance rate of 95 percent. Additionally, the student-to-faculty ratio is ten to one. The most popular major at this school is Illustration, followed by Animation, Video Graphics, and Special Effects. 

This college offers its students financial aid in various forms, including grants, loans, and scholarships. 

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Colleges tend to be in the pricier range. However, there are many great choices out there that can set you or your child on a path of success.


In Conclusion

Are you trying to find the best school for your child but feel overwhelmed with all the options? Or perhaps you are searching for an excellent post-education school to help you further your dreams. Regardless of your goals, the most expensive schools in Columbus do have some fantastic qualities. Their educational philosophies offered extras, and educational approaches are worth the extra look. 

When searching for the best school for yourself or your child, there are many factors to consider! However, the schools on this list bring so much to the table, making them valuable contenders for anybody. 

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