Enhancing Your Child’s Mind by Encouraging Creativity

Teaching kids how to be creative shouldn’t be difficult because they are creative naturally.  A child’s mind is young and eager for information.  As they get older, they absorb what is around them like a sponge and can choose to either retain certain things that they have learned or decide to forget about them completely.

The most valuable thing that you can do for your child is to encourage him or her to continue being creative.  Once you witness that your child excels at one thing over another, work together to enhance those skills.  As children get older, they may have an interest in learning new things and their creativity will just continue to keep on growing.

Depending on whether your child is an artist, writer, musician or actor, there are plenty of activities that will place an emphasis on these various creative outlets.  Here is a list of different types of creative activities:

Create a cartoon

The possibilities here are endless.  By creating a cartoon, a child can choose various colors to work with, or if her or she prefers, to illustrate everything in pencil.  Cartoons can be of various lengths and it is up to your child to determine what the premise is, as well as who the characters are.  By diving into such a vast imaginary world, your child can utilize artistic and writing skills at the same time.

Choreograph a dance

Dancing styles vary.  There is tap, ballet, salsa or hip-hop.  If enrolling your child in lessons, he or she is given formal instruction.  Although dancing is artistic, it doesn’t necessarily let a child create by original ideas.  So have your children create his/her own dance.  Your child can have the freedom of choosing the song, style, and costume.  Dance can be freeform, so there will never be a lack of ideas.

Write a poem

At the end of a long day, sit down with your child and ask how their day was.  Once he or she tells you about what they saw or whom they talked to, provide a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and ask that a poem be written.  Writing poetry is great release of feelings on paper and can be about pretty much anything.  In lengths of several pages or just a few lines, your child can rhyme until reaching a finished written product.

Cooking and baking

Although a lot of dishes are based on recipes, there are some that are based purely on the knack of taste.  Having your child join you in the kitchen can be a very fun activity.  By even creating something as simple as a sandwich, your child can suggest mixing certain sandwich meats with certain vegetables or condiments.  If you like to bake, ask your son or daughter to help you with the icing.  See what types of designs of color schemes he or she creates!  There are plenty of recipes for kids to get them started.These are just examples that will teach kids how to be creative.  There are so many ways for them to let their skills truly shine.





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