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You Need to Consider A Ballet Lesson For Your Child’s Party

You Need to Consider A Ballet Lesson For Your Child’s Party

Planning an activity for an older child's birthday party can be a bit tough. You want to pick something that's fun, but the games that your child used to enjoy are too young for them now. Have you considered giving them and their guests a ballet lesson? It doesn't have to be complicated; follow our instructions, and you'll have a fun activity planned out in no time!

Ballet Lesson

Things you'll need:

An older dance student willing to perform and teach at your party

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Gather the guests to watch the older dance student perform a short routine.

Step 2:  Once the performance is over, have the student teach the kids a few basic steps, and have them practice together.

Step 3:  If the kids are inclined, have them put on an impromptu show for you and any other adults in the house.

How Much Will This Cost?

Cost is always a concern when it comes to anything, including planning a party for your child. Finding someone who is willing and able to teach your child and their guests ballet moves might cost you. If you happen to know someone whose child does ballet, you may be able to get them to do it for free or for a low cost. Consider the children of your friends, and the friends of any older children you may have.

How much you'll have to pay this person depends on how long you'll need them for, and how much preparation you want them to do. If you only want them for an hour to show off a few basic moves, that will cost you less than a two-hour booking with a complete dance routine. If you end up deciding to go with an actual instructor instead of just a regular ballet dancer, that will more than likely cost more. You may, however, find that the quality of the experience goes up a lot.

Make sure to negotiate cost before settling on someone to perform at your child's party. Get the agreement in writing so that there isn't any confusion or disagreement over the pricing. Make it clear when the performer is supposed to arrive, what they're expected to do, and when they're permitted to leave.

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