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Your Kid Will Love This Dump Truck Relay Game

Your Kid Will Love This Dump Truck Relay Game

This game is perfect for young kids with a lot of energy. It's simple to set up and easy to re-play. If you're in need of a great game for your child's birthday party, this is it.

Dump Truck Relay

Things you'll need:

3 Boxes
Pie plates, foil or tin
Construction paper
Masking tape

Getting ready:

Step 1:  Decorate two of the boxes to make them look like dump trucks. Use the pie plates for the wheels, and the construction paper for windows, doors, etc. You can paint them yellow if desired. Enlist the help of the birthday kid to make them really special.

Step 2:  Make about 60-100 rocks out of crumpled up newspaper.  Wrap them with the masking tape to hold them together.

Step 3:  Split the rocks evenly between the two trucks.

When you're ready to start:

Step 1: Split the guest up into two even teams.

Step 2:  Give each team a truck full of rocks.

Step 3:  Put the third box at the other end of the room.

Step 4:  Tell the child that the object is to move all their rocks to the empty box.  They can achieve this any way they’d like. They can run back and forth, make a line and pass them, using empty pails or bags, etc.

Step 5:  Yell ‘GO!’  The first team to move all their rocks to the box wins.

Tips for Planning Party Activities

Planning a party doesn't have to be stressful! It can feel like that's not the case when you're in the middle of trying to figure everything out. With the right mindset, getting a party set up for your child will be a breeze.

You definitely want to include your child in the planning. After all, this party is all about them! Ask them if they have any games or activities that they really want to do. Show them this Dump Truck game and see how they react to it. Of course, if your child is extremely young, they may not be able to offer much input on what they want out of their party. We don't generally recommend this game for very young children, as they'll have a hard time moving the rocks.

There's little benefit in scheduling activities for your child's party if they don't want to do them. By involving your child, you'll help make their day special! Make sure you get the supplies in advance, so that you're all ready for the big day. Don't save all of the prep for the last minute; try to spread it out over the course of a week or so.

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