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Unicorn Mane Races May Be the Best Party Game

Unicorn Mane Races May Be the Best Party Game

If you are planning a children's party and you need a fun and magical game, then unicorn mane races is the game for you. Unicorns are magical, colorful, and fun. And, this game includes streamers. Children love streamers! This game will entertain party guests and help get out some of that youthful energy.

Unicorn Mane Races

Things you'll need:

  • Two pictures of unicorns
  • Masking tape
  • Lots of different colored streamers

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1: Cut a 1’-2’ streamer for each guest, and attach a piece of looped tape to the end.

Step 2: Choose a space with about 20’-30’ of running space.

Step 3: Using the masking tape, make a starting line 15’-25’ away from a wall. 

Step 4: Hang the unicorn pictures on the wall.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Split the guests into two even teams.

Step 2: Tell the guests that the idea is to attach all the streamers to the picture, to make the unicorn’s lovely mane. 

Step 3: Line the guests up, single file, and give each one a streamer.

Step 4: When you yell ‘GO!’ the first guest in line should run as fast as they can, attach the streamer, and then run back to their team.  The next child in line should then go, play should continue until one team attaches all their streamers. 

Step 5: The team that finishes first, wins.

Ideas for an Epic Unicorn Party

If you'd like to throw a unicorn themed party, we have many fun ideas for you. From the decorations to the games, you will be decked out in all things unicorn. Your child will love having a magical party where imaginations can soar.

You can decorate the location of the party as a castle or magical forest. Both ideas are great for unicorns. Maybe your party guests are princes and princesses who ride unicorns, or maybe your guests are unicorns who live in a magical forest. Rainbow colored streamers and balloons are perfect for accenting the colors of unicorn manes. Hanging streamers in a doorway for party guests to walk through adds to the ambiance of the party and helps create the fantasy world.

Unicorn Party Games and Ideas
Create a unicorn obstacle course as a fun activity.

There is an endless list of unicorn themed party ideas at your disposal. If you're ever stuck and unsure what to add to your party, just remember that unicorns are colorful and bright. So, anything colorful and bright will fit right in. Also, children have amazing imaginations. They can use their imaginations to help create the magical world at your party. Relax and have fun!

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