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Your Daughter Will Love This Spa Relay Race

Your Daughter Will Love This Spa Relay Race

Looking for a fun activity for a girl's birthday party? This spa relay race is a great idea. The supplies are affordable, you don't need to buy a ton for this activity, and it's a lot of fun for the participants! Let's take a look.

Spa Relay Race

Things you'll need:

Two bathrobes
Two bath-size towels
Two pairs of slippers
Masking tape

Getting ready:

Step 1.  Using the tape, mark a starting line of 10’-15’ on the floor where you’ll be playing.

Step 2.  Make a goal line about 20 feet from the starting line.  Make the goal line 10’-15’ as well.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Put a pair of slippers, a towel, and a bathrobe at each end of the starting line. 

Step 2:  Divide the guests evenly into two teams. 

Step 3:  Line the teams up at each end of the start line, single file.  Everyone should remove their shoes.

Step 4:  When you yell ‘GO!’, each team’s first player runs to the other end of the line, puts on the robe and slippers, and wraps her head in a towel. She then runs back to her teammates, and removes everything and hands them to the next girl on the team, who puts it all on, runs to the other side, comes back, and passes the things to the next girl.

Step 5:  Keep going until one team gets all their players to the goal line and back.  Whichever team finishes first is the winner.

Your guests will have a blast with this fast-paced activity. It's a great way to get everyone moving, and keep them busy while you wait for cake or gift time. Make sure you supervise everyone to ensure that no cheating goes on, and that any arguments that come up are quickly resolved. A party should be a fun time for all. With the right guiding hand, it absolutely will be!

Other great girl's party activities can involve make-up, costumes, baking, and art! It's always a good idea to ask the guest of honor what activities she wants to do. She might come up with something that you never thought of! Unless your child is extremely young, picking activities without consulting them is not a good idea. You don't want to pick something that your child won't enjoy! After all, it is their big day; it should be all about them and what they want- within reason, of course. Have fun!

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