If your kids like zany, crazy games with lots of movement and imagination, this is a birthday party game for you! If you need to liven up any party, bookmark this page and come back to it as needed — the Fruit Basket Party Game is the best party game for all ages, EVER! Here's how to play.

Fruit Basket Party Game

Fruit basket is universal game for all seasons. This is an especially fun game for large gatherings — whether it's birthday parties, Thanksgiving celebrations or anything else!. You just can’t play some games with groups larger than 15. No fear here! With fruit basket the more the merrier. Plus, this game never gets old. Once you get your creative juices flowing, there is no end to the variations you can create with this one simple format!

Preparing to Play Fruit Basket

This may well be the best part. All you need is a theme with four parts and a piece of paper for each player. That is the easiest party prep ever! If you really wanted to go the extra mile, tape or a chair for each player could also be used.

Fruit Basket Ages

Spunky 3-year-olds on up to an active 72-year-old will all love to play.

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How to Play Fruit Basket

So you want to know more about how to play this fun and simple mixer? Well read on! First divide the group into four roughly equal groups. Each group needs a name.

This is where your party prep comes into play. If your party is a dinosaur theme you can have each group be a different dinosaur, or movie star, or color, or you can rely on the old stand by and give each group a fruit name like: apple, banana, pear and grape. (If your creativity fails you completely, you can even just name the groups one, two, three and four!) And if you do want a theme, but haven't picked it yet, be sure to check out our birthday party themes page before you go any further!

Once everyone knows their group name, mix them back together and have them sit or stand in a circle on their piece of paper. The paper is just a place marker and can be taped to the floor.

One player is selected to stand in the middle of the circle. The first player in the middle should place their place marker in the center, so the outer circle is minus one space.

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The player in the middle calls out one of the group names. Each member of that group must now move to a different place marker, while the person in the middle seeks to steal a place. The player left without a place in the outer circle stands in the middle and play resumes.

The ace in the hole is if the person in the middle calls out ‘fruit basket’ (if you are using a non-fruity theme you may select a different phrase). This means that all players must change places. Let the mayhem begin!

Children will love being dinosaurs or princesses. The older crowd will like the fast-paced nature of the game. Bottom line is that no matter if you are a fruit basket or a hoard of African animals, your party goers will love this game.